By this point, we’ve analyzed the draft five ways to, um, Thursday. As the Redskins sit out Round 1, currently slated to pick at Nos. 51 and 85 on Day 2, you might watch tonight with great interest — but only to see who’ll be around when the festivities begin again on Friday evening.

So while the mock drafts have taken a pretty good guess at what will happen, I’m curious about what you hope won’t happen. Which player(s) are you hoping make it through so the Redskins have a shot at drafting him tomorrow? Or, phrased another way, which player, upon seeing his name pop up on the screen tonight, would make you cringe with disappointment, knowing he’s going somewhere to wear a blue or green jersey instead of having a shot at donning the burgundy and gold?

I’m going to take the liberty of answering for GFT74-With-51st-Redskins-Take-Slay, although earlier in the week, the message board handle was GFT74-With-51st-Redskins-Take-Swearinger. Mista Moe has been beating the drum for Eric Reid and Jonathan Cyprien, if I recall correctly, the two safeties who are expected to come off the board after Kenny Vaccaro and Matt Elam. Those guys might not get to 51, but at least if they get through tonight without being picked, there’ll be all day tomorrow to hope.

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Mark Maske wrote about this year being the not-year of the quarterback, and floated the thought that maybe none go in the first round. That hasn’t happened since 1996, although there have been some bad years for quarterbacks (1997, 2000, 2007) mixed in with the great ones (1999, 2004, 2011 especially if you count Dalton and Kaepernick in the first four picks of Round 2, and 2012).

Here’s the count for first round quarterbacks each year since the last time none were taken in Round 1. Can you name, without using Google or otherwise looking them up, the first-round quarterbacks each year? I’ll update the post late-morning with the names and where each player was picked. (updated 11:19 a.m.) There should be some names in there that jog your memory pretty well.

2012 – 4 (Luck 1st pick, Griffin III 2, Tannehill 8, Weeden 22)
2011 – 4 (Newton 1, Locker 8, Gabbert 10, Ponder 12)
2010 – 2 (Bradford 1, Tebow 25)
2009 – 3 (Stafford 1, Sanchez 5, Freeman 17)
2008 – 2 (Ryan 3, Flacco 18)
2007 – 2 (Russell 1, Quinn 22)
2006 – 3 (Young 3, Leinart 10, Cutler 11)
2005 – 3 (Al. Smith 1, Rodgers 25, Campbell 25)
2004 – 4 (E. Manning 1, Rivers 4, Roethlisberger 11, Losman 22)
2003 – 4 (Palmer 1, Leftwich 7, Boller 19, Grossman 22)
2002 – 3 (Carr 1, Harrington 3, Ramsey 32)
2001 – 1 (Vick 1)
2000 – 1 (Pennington 18)
1999 – 5 (Couch 1, McNabb 2, Ak. Smith 3, Culpepper 11, McNown 12)
1998 – 2 (P. Manning 1, Leaf 2)
1997 – 1 (Druckenmiller 26)
1996 – 0

Live blogging Round 1

Longtime readers of The Insider will recognize The Early Lead’s Cindy Boren, who’ll be live-blogging the first round tonight starting at 7. Join her, if you’re so inclined. Here’s her guide to watching tonight’s draft, replete with links.

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