Quarterback Robert Griffin III is already such a big star that he can cause a stir without necessarily intending to. The D.C. Sports Bog yesterday covered how RGIII said he sees the mistake in staying in against Seattle, and how some tweets about political correctness begat a completely separate discussion.

For today’s print Page 2, we compiled some of your reactions from the Bog posts and The Insider. Liberal-conservative arguments on the PC post aside, here are some of the more interesting things you had to say:


“I want my best players to never want to come out of the game for the Redskins but I want my coach and trainer to know when to remove such players.”

William Burke:

You don’t think he’s capable of making that mistake again? The “warrior within” of which he speaks is not easily extinguished, and I’m not sure it SHOULD be.

But the better question would be, “will SHANNY make the same mistake again?”


Does RG enjoy creating a media buzz? I just don’t get it some times


If you don’t speak out about it, it’s not a story, is it?

That’s why silence is always the best medicine.


I think it is starting to show that he has strong personal views and convictions about many things.

This is a double-edged sword, it will get you respected for your convictions, when it is a popular conviction.


Listen to the 980 interview with the author: compelling. When Grif awoke from surgery to his [knee], he found family by his [side], of course. Snyder as well. Conspicuous absence? Shanahan. Author believes something there.


Some things I absolutely don’t get . . . why does RG keep talking about all of this? Why doesn’t he stop talking, focus on rehabbing at whatever pace is best for his full recovery, and return to the field when he’s totally healthy and not a minute before? Why does it sound like he made his own decisions about when to play or not to play?


I wonder how much longer this will be a topic of conversation . . . I see both sides of the debate although I am firmly on 1 side but at this point, I am over it . . . and ready for next season to start and for all my predictions to come true . . . Mainly that first round bye . . . yeah I said it.


If he continues to get these questions, he just needs to respond with the boilerplate: “That is in the past, I’m not looking back at that, I’m looking forward to getting healthy and getting back to the playoffs this season.”

It’s a nuanced discussion, and one we should have, about how a star player has to balance being himself with doing what’s best for the team, for business, and for all the people who care about whatever he says or does.

But strictly from the fans’ perspective, as you showed in your comments, your emotional investment in Griffin and his career means you care as much about how he handles public speaking as much as what he actually says. Where does a star player, in your opinion, draw the line between being himself and doing what’s best for the team?