After a week of rehashing arguments about the team’s name, discussing Robert Griffin III’s quotes in a magazine feature and debating the unlikely possibility that Tim Tebow would be a good fit in Washington, it sure is nice to have some football players and their potential to discuss.

The five practices at rookie camp gave the Redskins staff a chance to evaluate the seven draft picks, 12 undrafted free agents and 48 tryout players. And even though only so much can actually happen in five get-to-know-you sessions, enough comes out of them to at least advance the potential that draft weekend gets one dreaming about.

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All that digested, did rookie camp do anything to change your views on the draft picks? It is early. But the initial feedback seems positive, at least on the players who were healthy enough to participate, so some added excitement seems appropriate.

Big Buck wrote in the comments:

“I’m fired up about the big three as I call them. I believe they are going to radically change the way we play defense. These guys are fast and physical. … We will no longer have to score 30 plus to have a shot at winning.”

Elsewhere, Hogs Haven speculated about the Redskins using fifth-round running back Chris Thompson in a manner similar to the way the Saints use Darren Sproles, and added the wheel route to a play Washington ran last year. That could get you fired up about one of the rookies that’s not in the secondary.

John Keim’s 12 observations from rookie camp discuss an established free agent who could be back in the Redskins’ plans, and two tryout players who impressed.

Then again, if you already loved the draft and rookie pickups, then maybe this weekend changed nothing.