Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, right, and actor Gerard Butler attend the Bloomberg Vanity Fair White House Correspondents’ Association dinner afterparty. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Robert Griffin III is living his life. It’s a star’s life.

Just recently, he’s posed with celebrities at the Kentucky Derby, wished the Capitals well in their playoff series, and made headlines by talking to a magazine about events that happened months ago.

He’s so big that it’s news when he doesn’t do something. (Here he is not at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, and not commenting after a charity golf tournament)

Can you knock him for living his life, if you’d switch places with him in a Washington minute? Probably not. As a fan or observer though, is it reason for concern? That question was posed to the panel of Post Sports Live this week:

“We don’t see what he’s doing before he does that. I’m not worried about this kid not working hard.”

— Jason Reid


“I think he needs to be cognizant of the fact that everything he does and everywhere he goes there’s going to be pictures on the internet, there’s going to be YouTube videos, there’s gonna be Twitpics, there’s gonna be instagrams …

Obviously he’s not rehabbing 24 hours a day, obviously he’s not studying film 24 hours a day, but if he comes back and he’s struggling, you know that the critics are going to say he was spending too much time with celebrities.”

— Dan Steinberg

What do you think?

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