Here’s a start for your Redskins Mount Rushmore. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

‘Tis the season for made-for-TV football rankings.

Pro Football Talk is debuting a new series in which it attempts to ascertain the four most important people in each franchise’s history. While this might not be very much fun for, say, the Jaguars, a franchise with the history of the Washington Redskins could get quite a few nominees. Perhaps it isn’t easy to narrow down to four. Anyone is eligible, so coaches, administrators and owners are ostensibly up for consideration, not just players.

The franchise in 2012 named its 80 Greatest Redskins, and it’s got 26 Hall of Famers. Going by pro-football-reference’s career approximate value list, the four best Redskins of all time are Chris Hanburger, Darrell Green, Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff. That excludes Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Champ Bailey and Jason Taylor, players in the top 100 who played most of their careers elsewhere. (As did Huff, but given his radio career … ) When the NFL Network did its top 100 of all-time, Sammy Baugh, Green and Huff made the list.

Speaking of the NFL Network and top 100, they’re revealing their best of 2012, and two Redskins have made the list so far — Trent Williams at 98 and London Fletcher at 86.

Pro Football Focus rates its best 101, and only two Redskins made the list — Robert Griffin III at 31 and Alfred Morris at 38.

Who do you think belongs on these lists — both Rushmore, and the last-year-specific lists?

For whatever it’s worth, PFT did the Cowboys Rushmore first, yesterday.

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