I’m one of those people who loves to read about the NFL, so much so that I occasionally forget what a wonderful day and age we live in. Hat tip to GFT74 for reminding me that draftbreakdown.com does video cutups of NFL prospects. Those videos, hosted on YouTube, can be embedded right here.

So if you’re one of those people too, or perhaps you wonder why people get so excited about fifth-round picks, then jump to the 3:33 mark of the below video of Thompson, a running back drafted by the Redskins, against Clemson:

It’s not a trap or any kind of run that involves pulling linemen. They block straight on, and Thompson turns a basic run into a touchdown. As with most offensive highlights, it involves terrible tackling, but it’s also the kind of run that gets you excited about a fifth-round pick.

There’s another cutup of Thompson against Wake Forest if those five minutes aren’t enough. Meantime, there’s a second running back that Washington drafted late, and you might want to get a look at Jawan Jamison:

What’s great about these videos is they aren’t just highlights — you see what the player looks like on mildly successful and unsuccessful plays too. Jamison seems more of a between-the-tackles runner than Thompson. If you skip to the 2:55 mark, you’ll see Jamison take a between the tackles run and break it down the sideline.

From the end zone angle, does that play look familiar? It’s a zone-blocked run play, similar to what you might see Washington run. Nothing fancy up front, and Jamison finds his crease and makes the defense pay. (There’s a second cutup of his, against Arkansas, as well).

This all dovetails nicely with a discussion that took place buried in the comments on one of the this morning’s posts. TWISI started it off:

A couple of days ago I was all over people who had the “out of sight out of mind” mentality when it came to Rak. I must admit that I fell into the same mentality when it came to Helu. Last night I re-watched some of Helu’s best of cut ups as a Redskin. I forgot how good he is. So now I’m really hoping he gets back to that level, because if he does he’ll be really difficult to handle in the Skins new offense.

Kerzon417 added a simple point:

Health could take this team over the top.

The battle for the running back jobs aside from Alfred Morris could become one of the most-watched storylines of the preseason. A healthy Roy Helu seems a good bet to win one of those jobs. Now that you have an idea what kind of runners Thompson and Jamison are (check out Thompson on the option at 3:00, and Jamison taking a screen pass at 2:25), how do you feel about those guys and their chances to unseat Helu, Evan Royster and others?

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