Brandon Banks can no longer be the Redskins player who frustrates you most. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Kevin Ewoldt at Hogs Haven posted an interesting item yesterday that is both a blast from the recent past, and a look into the future. You know how as a fan, even if you love a team, there’s always that one player (or two or three) who frustrates the heck out of you?

Ewoldt looked back at the past 11 seasons — to 2002 — to review who the player Redskins fans loved to hate each season was. These aren’t Dallas players, these are Washington guys, some obvious — Adam Archuleta in 2006, Albert Haynesworth in 2010 — and some you might have repressed into a space deep in your memory banks — like Trung Canidate in 2003.

Two of last year’s ‘love to hate’ players are no longer with the team — Madieu Williams and Brandon Banks. The third, however, leads off Ewoldt’s list of favorites for the 2013 un-award. And he puts odds on five nominees and a position. It’s worth checking out, and perhaps discussing.

In about six weeks, you won’t have to click elsewhere to read John Keim, but in the meantime, he’s still going beneath the surface for The Washington Examiner. Since the late-round rookies have been signing, now’s a good time to read Keim’s look at Jawan Jamison and Brandon Jenkins, his chat with former NFL scout Russ Lande about Redskins draft picks, and if you missed these back on May 5, his rookie camp insights. Keim also went back and watched video of draft picks David Amerson and Jordan Reed.

Rich Tandler of CSN contemplates whether the Redskins should go no-huddle, and digs into the numbers to see if pace has any correlation with yardage gained.

At ESPN’s NFC East blog, Dan Graziano looks at whether Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo can bring Washington’s pass rush back to life.

Also, if you’re less of a reader and more of a watcher, check out the HTTR24-7 film room. There are looks at Thompson and Amerson in there.

This, of course, assumes you’ve read everything we’ve got here, and over at the D.C. Sports Bog.

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