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Allen calls team name controversy a ‘non-issue’

Bruce Allen (left and other Redskins officials have said the team has no plans to change its name.)
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RICHMOND — General Manager Bruce Allen said Monday that the team considers the controversy over its name a “non-issue.”

Allen, speaking to reporters Monday afternoon at a tour for media members of the Redskins’ planned training camp site that is under construction in Richmond, said: “I think it’s a non-issue and it’s been a non-issue for decades. We really don’t get the talk that other people get because we hear from our fans. And our fans will always be our fans of the Washington Redskins.”

Allen and other team officials previously have said the Redskins have no plans to change their name. Owner Daniel Snyder told USA Today recently that the name never would be changed.

Some observers have called the name offensive to Native Americans and have said it should be changed.

Redskins officials have said they don’t consider the name offensive.

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