Let’s first be careful not to imply a rift where there may not be one. I’ll toss the question out there, you take a look at the sit-down interview with RGIII’s father, and tell me if it means something or nothing. Here’s a key excerpt:

James Andrews and Robert Griffin III during the playoff game in Seattle? (Johnathan Newton/The Washington Post) James Andrews and Robert Griffin III during the playoff game in Seattle. (Johnathan Newton/The Washington Post)

“When he threw the ball at the last minute his leg buckled and he fell and then he came back. Then he got up, went back in, threw the touchdown,” he said. “They went up 14-0. I would have pulled him.”

Taken by itself, it’s perhaps innocuous. It’s RGII admitting basically what everyone else has said, with the benefit of hindsight, including RGIII himself. With a 14-0 lead in a playoff game and a gimpy star quarterback, the wise move is to take him out. Easier to say now than in the moment.

If the answer is so clear, why does it keep coming up? Because reporters keep asking? Because the replies from the horse’s mouths are cryptic enough to have not put it all the way to rest? Because there are no games between January and September to provide something new to talk about?

Is this just the price to pay when a rookie not only becomes the face of a franchise, but takes the league by storm?

Mike Jones and Jason Reid have each written about the potential changes in the Redskins’ offense, and Griffin’s desire to protect himself more, because he knows his value to the franchise. Griffin himself has said he sees the mistake in staying in against the Seahawks, and said:

“It’s in the past, we’re moving forward, and just know that I need those prayers and I need that help me get through this rather than people coming to me to start a controversy over he-said-she-said over who’s to blame.”

This is no “controversy.” It is in the past. But it keeps coming up. Is there any way Griffin or the Redskins can actually put it to rest, short of taking the field in Week 1? (There is a chance to try again, speaking to the press tomorrow at OTAs)

In your opinion, do the comments about changing the offense mean there’s a rift, or that significant changes must be made? Do you think those changes will come easily, or go out the window once the whistle blows?

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