Remember the classic George Carlin bit on the differences between baseball and football? Here’s another one to tide you over until details start trickling out from today’s open practice:

Bryce Harper, like the rest of the Nationals, had a rough 10-day road trip. On Tuesday night, he misplayed a fly ball in the 10th inning, costing Washington its winning run. The talk all day on Wednesday was about the misplay and the critical comments that closer Rafael Soriano made.

Harper got to do one thing to make it all go away that football players never get to do: Play the next day. He hit a home run, made a key defensive play and scored the winning run in a 10-inning game.

Poof. Like that, the vibes are mostly good again.

In pro football, we’d debate the poor play ad nauseum for much of the next week. Players in other major sports have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean more quickly. But they also play 82 or 162 games to football’s 16, and the buildup is perhaps part of football’s allure.

What do you think? Do you appreciate the week between games in football? It can be both a gift — minimal investment of time to watch every game the team plays — and a curse.

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