Aldrick Robinson, right, was injured during pregame warmups today in Tampa. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post) How does the Redskins’ youth, including Aldrick Robinson, right, stack up against the rest of the NFC East? (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

So if you can bring yourself to click on a link to a Cowboys site without heading over there to troll, check this out. Blogging the Boys took a look around the NFC East to determine who the top 10 players under 25 (as of September) are.

Part of BTB’s purpose was to look at the four NFC East teams side by side. It becomes pretty clear, no matter how you decipher the list, that the Giants have the most talent under 25 — but a lot of it is untapped, in highly-drafted players who have yet to fully justify their draft position (Marvin Austin, Jayron Hosley, David Wilson and maybe even Prince Amukamara). The other three teams could each make an argument for second place, but it’s possible the Redskins have the least talent under 25 in the division.

What does that mean? Well, not a whole lot, since Washington is your reigning NFC East champion, and both Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris are under 25. But you could interpret it to mean that it’s time for a lot of the young Redskins you are excited about — from Roy Helu to Keenan Robinson to Josh LeRibeus — to begin to deliver.

There’s an argument made to support the Cowboys’ standing — that players in key spots, like quarterback, left tackle, cornerback and pass rusher — matter more than having a lot of good young players. If so, RGIII trumps everything.

If you sift down into the comments, there’s a top 10 and a top 25 list compiled from prospects on all four teams. Given that Kirk Cousins is going to turn 25 a couple weeks before the season, making him ineligible for this list, is it true the Redskins don’t have another under-25 prospect to be excited about until you get down to Aldrick Robinson at No. 24? (It’s probably, as acknowledged in the original post, a little early to get excited about mid-round draft picks, as they haven’t even practiced with pads on yet. But the Redskins do have expectations for the players taken this year). Have Helu’s three straight 100-yard games in 2011 been totally forgotten?

Another takeaway from the list is that if you expand the cutoff a bit, thereby including Trent Williams (25 in July), Ryan Kerrigan (25 in August), Brian Orakpo (26 until July), Cousins and others — like the Cowboys’ Sean Lee and DeMarco Murray, the Eagles’ LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin, and the Giants’ Hakeem Nicks — then it’s a completely different discussion.

Who are the young Redskins with the most to prove? Besides Griffin and Morris, which young Redskins excite you most? How do you feel about the youth and the talent level overall, or as it compares to NFC East rivals?

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