With minicamp wrapped up and the slow — or silly — season underway, let’s try open threads. I’ll start you off with something Redskins-specific, you do what you do, and take the conversation where it naturally goes:

The Redskins’ owner and front office has been pretty clear that they’re not interested in changing the franchise’s name. Insider comments have come to a consensus that this story is tired. Yet that hasn’t stopped folks from coming up with new ways to talk about the issue.

Some are pushing the FCC to punish broadcasters for using the franchise’s name. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote back to Congress defending the name. Michael Wilbon reacted. Grantland’s Dave Zirin posted an open letter to owner Daniel Snyder that ended with an invitation to take a road trip to South Dakota. And then there was this:

Business Week asked a professional branding firm and a creative director to take a crack at redesigning the team’s logo, and they came up with four. The first one is shown at left. For the other three, head on over to Business Week, where there’s an article and power-point presentation explaining the thought process.

Anyway, I’d thought you’d like to see those. Perhaps I’m wrong. In that case, carry on. Hey, remember yesterday when we talked zone read? I know, what have I done for you lately?

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