If you’re investing a new jersey, and don’t have a Robert Griffin III or Darrell Green to fall back on, what do you buy? (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

It might be the slow season — four days until John Keim joins us, 29 ’til training camp, but who’s counting — but there’s always stuff to ponder.

Amongst my circle of football-obsessed friends, discussing whose jersey we’d buy always leads to a long conversation. At any given moment, assuming you want to maximize your investment, you have to think long-term. In the NFL these days, today’s star is tomorrow’s free agent, and fans can quickly find themselves standing there on Sunday wearing something obsolete. Which is occasionally cool, but not ideal.

Among the current Redskins, if you were in the market for a new jersey, whose would you buy? Let’s rule out Robert Griffin III, since that’s such a no-brainer you likely already have one. Suppose you want another, or you want to stand out from the crowd. Whose do you buy?

Alfred Morris comes to mind, but running backs’ careers are so short, and Shanahan backs are sometimes interchangeable. Brian Orakpo would be a popular choice, but there’s no way to know what will happen as he enters the final season of his contract. Do you bank on Ryan Kerrigan, hoping that a season with more than 8.5 sacks is coming?

If you have a Santana Moss, London Fletcher or DeAngelo Hall already, you can wear those for a few more years, but you wouldn’t invest in a new one now. You might have felt similarly comfortable with a Chris Cooley jersey a few years ago, but now it functions as a throwback. A Donovan McNabb or Albert Haynesworth jersey these days is worn with much less pride than the day it was purchased.

Pierre Garcon? Fred Davis? Trent Williams? Do you consider the jersey that matches your body type? Big guys like to wear linemen numbers; but you’d feel silly wearing No. 71 if you were 6 feet and 170 pounds. Then you get a No. 88.

One way to guard against the unforseen to is order a personalized jersey, which never becomes obsolete so long as you’re you. But I’m assured by most people that this is wack, that you look like you’re trying to be something you’re not. I don’t see how it’s much different than hero-worshipping an athlete, but whatever.

Should such silly discussions not amuse you, here are some interesting mid-day reading items I’ve stumbled across:

Blogging the bEast charted the where all four NFC East teams placed in the NFL in scoring over the past five years. It’s surprising to see how consistently good the Giants have been, and how consistently middle of the pack the Cowboys are. The Eagles and Redskins had been steady until completely switching places this past year.

Hogs Haven also busted out a chart; a look at which of the four-major-sport cities has waited longest to celebrate a championship. Washington doesn’t fare too well, as you already know, but it might not have landed where you think.

Redskins.com posted an interesting article on their use of dry needling in helping athletes recover quickly. The trainers also discuss their ethical obligations when they know they can get a player back on the field, but it might not be in his long-term interest.

And, because charts rule at this time of year, one more set from Blogging the bEast. A look at how the NFC East has averaged fewer wins than league average over the past three seasons, despite having some of the league’s most-watched players.

Oh, and this so Walter can keep his count up to date: Columnist Robert McCartney follows up on what he considers the hypocritical compartmentalization of the fans who told our pollsters that they’re cool with the Redskins as the team name, but wouldn’t call a person ‘redskin.’

In the comments, of course, these topics and anything else are fair game. Because it’s an open thread. On June 27. With a month until training camp.

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