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For those who took a long holiday weekend, welcome back. For those of you responsible for the 800 or so comments on the July 4th thread, thanks for never leaving.

Though it might appear so, we’re not asleep at the wheel here. More likely purposely driving slow with one eye open. I was told that last week was the lowest of the year for web traffic — lower even than Christmas week — and that was just in general. For the NFL, it’s even more true — the deadest part of the season. We do have John Keim on board, and he’s started to write some of the analytical pieces you’ve craved, but I figured it didn’t make a lot of sense to run them while so many of you were away from the computer (even though there is hardly such a thing anymore). I offer my apologies; we’ll rev back up this week. Mike Jones is filing a mailbag and Mark Maske is finishing The Other 31 series, both from vacation, and then we hit the ground running for training camp and don’t stop until January or February. (For what it’s worth, the Redskins are holding a grand opening for their training camp facility today at 2 p.m.).

In case you missed it though, The D.C. Sports Bog talked to a few people who attended RGIII’s wedding. There was also a neat post late last week about Redskins fans who had incorporated RGIII — his pose, his socks — into their own weddings.

Regarding the Revisited posts, I’d like to go about them a little differently. Could some of you share your impressions of last year’s games — basically what’s stuck in your minds from each game? Bucs, Falcons, Vikings and Giants I are next up, and there are moments etched in the memory from each game. The point of the series was to go back and rewatch the entire games in search of the details many of us had forgotten, and see if there’s anything to be learned from that. A few sentences on how you remember each game would give me a baseline to start from.

Anyway, just posting a new thread to remind you that we are here and gearing up for the season.

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