For those of you who post up at The Insider but don’t often venture to other parts of the Post, there are a few links I thought I’d share, including this piece from Post Sports Live featuring Dan Steinberg and LaVar Arrington talking about why we care so much about Robert Griffin III’s wedding. It veers off into pretty interesting territory when LaVar starts praising Griffin for staying true to his pre-fame sweetheart when he wasn’t able to do the same thing. It’s also got some funny moments.

Take a stab at the question in the comments. Why do so many people care? It’s more than just being interested in celebrities’ lives.

Okay, so technically that’s afternoon viewing. Steinberg has a couple new posts up over the Bog, regarding a Redskins survey asking fans (among other things) about the team name, the stadium and its location, the team’s slogans and how readers feel about coverage in The Post. Nice to know they care.

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