RICHMOND — Cornerback DeAngelo Hall sat out the Washington Redskins’ training-camp practice here Tuesday with his right foot in a walking boot. He described his injury as a sprained right ankle and said he will be out at least a few days.

“It could take a couple days,” Hall said. “It could take a couple weeks. They’re cool with me just sitting down for now, just trying to give it time, give it time to rest and heal up. If we give it a couple weeks and still no progress, we’ll try different methods.”

DeAngelo Hall said the Redskins want him to be pain-free before returning to the practice field. DeAngelo Hall said the Redskins want him to be pain-free before returning to the practice field. (John McDonnell / The Washington Post)

Hall was hurt during Monday’s practice. He said he feared initially the injury could be far worse.

“I thought it was actually something torn,” he said. “When I hit the ground, it was pretty painful, something I never felt before. I was a little worried about it. I got the report back and nothing was torn, so I was happy for that. The pain, I can deal with if need be. But they want me to be pain-free, so I’ll stay in the boot until they tell me I can come out of it. I’m feeling all right, though.”

According to Hall, tests showed no fractures and no tear of his Achilles’ tendon. He said he was told there are sprained ligaments in the back of his ankle.

“We’ll just take it day by day and try to get the inflammation down, try to get the pain to calm down a little bit,” he said. “Just a lot of treatment.”

He said he does not believe the injury puts his playing status for the start of the regular season in jeopardy.

“Nah, I doubt it,” Hall said. “I doubt it. It shouldn’t.”

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