The Post Sports Live crew debates whether the Redskins defense will be more susceptible to the run or the pass in the first part of the season with injuries to Keenan Robinson and Adam Carriker and Jarvis Jenkins’s four-game suspension.

If you were to hold your own debate in the comments, I’d start with the idea that these losses affect depth, but not so much the starting lineup. Given that the first four games include three teams that went 4-12 last season, and the Packers, if you had to lose Rob Jackson and Jarvis Jenkins for any four-game stretch, that’d be it. Then you have the bye in Week 5 and the Cowboys in Week 6, so the players suspended for four weeks actually get an extra week’s work to get up to speed.

Injuries are never good, but they hurt the rotational depth more than anything. If London Fletcher stays healthy, and Kedric Golston, Chris Baker or someone else can hold down a defensive line spot for four weeks against the weakest part of Washington’s schedule (although the Eagles and Lions could be deceptively good, and probably better than 4-12 this year), maybe the losses won’t be so bad.

And if you want to go full optimist, the rookie DBs may even be acclimated by then.

Also, here are some cool photos from camp, and a bunch of links to yesterday’s after-work-hours news:

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What’s ahead:

Today’s practices are at 10 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. If you’re thinking of going to Richmond, check our our guide to training camp for tips on getting autographs, parking and more.

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