Could we see Kirk Cousins pitching the ball tonight? (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

NASHVILLE —  All NFL teams walk a line in their preseason play-calling, figuring out how much of their playbooks to use in a bid to have some success against how much to hold back so regular season opponents won’t have a preview of what’s to come.

It is a particularly interesting exercise in the Redskins’ case, given the innovations they made to their offense last season to accommodate the talents of then-rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

This preseason, the Redskins will have Kirk Cousins starting in place of Griffin as he works his way back from knee surgery in January. Cousins said this week he thinks the offensive play-calling by the Redskins during the preseason will be a “mixed bag.”

“That’s really the challenge of an offensive coordinator is to decide how much do you want to move the ball, be effective while still not hurting yourself for Week 1 or Week 2,” Cousins said. “That’s his job to figure out. My job is to execute the plays that are called. But I’m sure that it’ll be a mixed bag where we’re gonna do some things that help us move the ball but we’re also definitely going to hold back from doing anything that would hurt us in Week 1.”

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