On today’s Post Sports Live, the panelists tackled this question — worded slightly differently — and it only makes sense to open it up to The Insider’s loyal base of commenters as well.

To recap quickly, Robert Griffin III said he didn’t like the plan but he trusts that the coach calls the shots, Mike Shanahan reiterated that there’s no chance Griffin is playing in the preseason, and teammates said it was largely a non-issue.

Personally, it seems to me like everyone comes out smelling like roses. Griffin shows that he believes he’s healthy and is eager to play. Shanahan, thinking long-term and safety-first, does what a wise coach should. The teammates refuse to let it become a distraction.

You might see it differently. Here’s what the PSL gang thinks:

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What’s ahead:

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● Pierre Garcon’s uniform donation, and a budding friendship between rookies.

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