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RICHMOND – Things got a little chippy out at Redskins practice Tuesday afternoon as receiver Aldrick Robinson, cornerback Chase Minnifield and safety Jose Gumbs came to blows at the end of a play during seven-on-seven action.

Robinson, split out wide to the right, was matched up with Minnifield and ran a deep route, and had a slight step on the cornerback as Robert Griffin III fired a pass downfield. The players appeared to get tangled up slightly and both took a spill as the ball fell just beyond Robinson’s reach around the 5-yard line. Minnifield and Robinson stood up, and Minnifield’s back was turned to Robinson, who shoved him hard. Gumbs, who also was playing deep coverage, tackled Robinson in the end zone. The two players stood up and Minnifield joined in the scuffle.

Teammates sprinted downfield with cornerback DeAngelo Hall and receiver Santana Moss leading the way, followed closely by Griffin. The players soon were separated, and once the group returned to midfield, cCoach Mike Shanahan gathered the entire team together in a huddle.

Shanahan later said that he explained to the players, “When you have a confrontation like that…it’s a 15-yard penalty. When you retaliate, that’s another 15-yard penalty,” and that the players needed to be more disciplined.

Two plays later, Minnifield got into a lighter altercation with wide receiver Chip Reeves. Reeves smacked Minnifield in the head at the end of a play, and Minnifield then shoved Reeves’s face mask back before the two went their separate ways.

Robinson and Minnifield didn’t have another incident the remainder of practice. Immediately after the seven-on-seven drills, they were paired together in special teams gunner drills.

After practice, Robinson — who had three drops in practice — sprinted off the field and declined interview requests saying, “I’ve got to go do something.” Robinson did a scheduled online question and answer session with fans at 5:30 p.m.

Minnifield dismissed the seriousness of the scuffles.

“It’s nothing. I don’t even know what happened, honestly,” he said. “It’s just good competition out there.”

Gumbs said he was trying to protect Minnifield, but that the incident wouldn’t drag on past the afternoon.

“We’re still a team. We’ve got to try to protect ourselves. It was a heat of the battle type of thing. I was trying to protect my fellow [defensive back], but at the same time, Aldrick’s still my teammate. Everything’s okay, we’re all at peace. We’re getting ready for the next game and the preseason.”

Hall earlier in training camp got involved in a brief altercation with tight end Logan Paulsen. But he said that this, more significant incident shouldn’t raise any concerns.

“We’re just competing. We’re competing, so it’s going to happen,” Hall said. “It wasn’t anything too malicious out there. It’s football. You’re going to have a couple scuffles here and there. … Maybe he thought it was something intentional. It looked like their feet got a little tangled up. D.B.’s are always go to see it that way, receivers are always going to think it’s something else, so it is was it is.”

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