GM Bruce Allen (left) has said the Redskins probably will have to renegotiate some players’ contracts to stay beneath the salary cap entering the regular season (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Washington Redskins remain tight against the salary cap. The team has about $1.33 million in available salary cap space, according to a person familiar with league-wide cap records.

The Redskins have benefited from an NFL rule requiring that only the top 51 players (those with the highest cap values) count against a team’s salary cap during the offseason. But that changes soon. Beginning on Sept. 3, the Tuesday before the opening weekend of regular season NFL games, teams must count all their players against the cap.

General Manager Bruce Allen said just before the Redskins broke their training camp in Richmond that they likely will have to rework some players’ contracts to stay beneath the salary cap for the regular season. Allen said then that the Redskins’ two-year, $36 million salary cap penalty would continue to hinder the team “for a number of years.” But he said the cap penalty would have no effect on the decisions the Redskins make regarding their season-opening roster.

“We’ll keep the best 53 players,” Allen said then. “And we’ll probably have to renegotiate some contracts and maneuver around it, but we’ll absolutely keep the best 53.”

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What’s ahead:

● On Friday, the team has a walkthrough before Saturday’s 4:30 p.m. game against the Bills.

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