TAMPA — Rookie Chris Thompson made a strong bid to win the Washington Redskins’ punt returner job with his 69-yard touchdown on a first-quarter punt return during Thursday’s preseason-ending win here.

“I don’t know,” Thompson said when asked whether he believed he’d secured the job as the replacement for the injured Richard Crawford. “That’s the coaches’ decision, whatever they want to do. I just hope I did enough today and throughout this preseason to possibly get a spot on this team … I did all I could. From here it’s just on the coaches.”

Thompson certainly showed his big-play capability.

“The punter gave me a great opportunity,” he said. “So I want to thank him first of all. I mean, Coach has been telling me all week basically just read the punter, first off, and make sure you secure the ball. He’s just been giving me tips about setting up the blocks, being a little patient. Sometimes you have to just catch it and hit it, and sometimes you have to take a little time to set up the blocks and everything. On that punt return, it all worked out. All the guys did a great job of blocking for me.”

Thompson, in particular, credited a block made by Keiland Williams.

“I told [Williams] as soon as I got on the sideline that I thank him for making that block because that really got it started,” Thompson said. “After he made that block, I was like, ‘I think I’ve got a chance to get in the end zone on this one.’ ”

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