Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon said that the injured toe that hampered him for the bulk of last season now has fully healed.

Garcon will continue to experiment with different inserts to help support that second toe of his right foot, but he no longer is limited in any way.

“Foot’s good. Hundred percent,” he said on Monday.

Garcon last season played portions of only three games in the first nine weeks after tearing ligaments in the toe. He returned in Week 11 following the bye after finding a way to play despite the injury, which made it impossible for him to sprint or change direction without pain. Garcon said early in the offseason that the toe was much improved, but still not completely better.

Garcon last season recorded 44 catches for 633 yards and four touchdowns and helped the Redskins to a 9-1 record in the regular season games in which he played.

Although now pain free, Garcon said nothing will change about his goals or approach to the game.

“Same thing, nothing’s changed, really,” he said. “Still trying to make plays every time I touch the ball, trying to block downfield for my team, just move the ball downfield and score touchdowns, really. Always [excited], every time you get a chance to play football, really – especially in the NFL.”

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