Alfred Morris is gearing up for a strong follow up to last season’s rookie campaign. (Rick Osentoski/Associated Press)

Alfred Morris set a high bar for himself when he rushed for 1,613 yards and 13 touchdowns as a rookie. The running back aims to improve this season, but he will not use his statistics to gauge his growth.

Morris believes that only the success of his team will truly indicate how much he has grown as a player this season.

“Even if I don’t have numbers like I did last year, I wouldn’t care,” Morris said. “That doesn’t define a successful season to me. Maybe it does to other people, or maybe the fantasy football people, but not to me. If we go to the second round of the playoffs, that’s a successful season for me, and I’m going to go help my team win.”

Morris spent this offseason working to make himself a more well-rounded player. He hopes to become more sound in pass protection, and he also anticipates displaying improved pass-catching skills. But Morris says for him, the key to success is simple.

“I just go out there and keep having fun,” Morris said. “I’m just going out there and executing.”

Morris already has found himself drawing on last season’s experiences, and he says his improved understanding of the offense – as well as a greater familiarity by Washington’s offensive players as a whole – has already began to exhibit itself.

“Last year, there were times we’d go out there and run plays and we’d have to repeat them and repeat them,” Morris recalled. “But now, this year, we go through certain plays once, twice and we don’t have to keep repeating and explaining it to guys. Now we know and it’s about executing and having that confidence and comfort level.”

He added, “The sky isn’t the limit for us. We can go so much further beyond that, but it’s up to us, up to our execution, and how bad we want it.”

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