Barry Cofield, here firing up Redskins teammates before the Steelers preseason game, suffered a broken right hand during the preseason but hopes to play in the season opener. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Defensive tackle Barry Cofield is hopeful of being in the Washington Redskins’ lineup for Monday night’s season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles even after suffering a broken bone in his right hand during the preseason. Cofield said Wednesday he doesn’t believe the injury will affect his play.

“You can’t think about it,” Cofield said. “You can’t adjust your game. You’ve just got to go out there and work. Our medical staff has been great. They’ve got a ton of different options. Having this long practice week will give me a lot of time to adjust. I don’t think it will affect me. It’s not gonna be an excuse for me.”

Cofield said he doesn’t know whether he’ll have to wear a cast while playing.

“We’re not sure,” he said. “It’s gonna be kinda we’re gonna test out different things as the practice week goes. Luckily we have a long practice week so it gives me extra opportunities. We’re just gonna test some different options and whatever works best — if I’m out there, that’s what I’ll be wearing.”

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