Redskins vs. Eagles: RGIII returns

The Washington Redskins lost their opener to the Philadelphia Eagles and Robert Griffin III, playing in his first game since tearing up his knee in January, looked about the way one would expect.

For an interminable half, nothing with the quarterback and his offense was clicking. But the second half was another matter and RGIII managed to pass for 276 yards as he led the Redskins to within six points of the Eagles. To the relief of everyone, even he admitted, he survived the game.

Next week, he and the Redskins will face the Green Bay Packers and we’ll be here again with the live blog. On behalf of the live crew and the gang at FedEx Field, thanks for joining  us. We’ll see you on Twitter and at the Insider and the Early Lead until next week.

RGIII: “Serious case of ‘can’t get rights’ in first half

(Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

Although the Redskins lost and Robert Griffin III couldn’t get going in the first half, he managed to pass for a career-high 329 yards, with 276 coming in the second half.

“Had a serious case of the ‘can’t get rights.’ Just penalties, hurting ourselves. I don’t throw picks, Alfred [Morris] doesn’t fumble and Kai [Forbath] doesn’t miss kicks and all three of those things happened tonight. We’ll get better, no doubt. I was proud of the way the team fought back. We can’t put our defense in those situations, having them on the field the majority of the game. Everybody fought back real hard in the second half — we got within six — and that’s all you can ask for. You don’t want your team to come out in the second half and just fold.”

Griffin wasn’t having any part of the notion that he was rusty because of not playing in preseason games.

“I think that’s an excuse. I’m responsible for the way I play. I didn’t play very well in the first half. That’s just the way it is. You move on from it. I’m not going to sit here and say I was rusty. I’ve got to be accountable and I’m going to be accountable for that. I didn’t play well in the first half. We came back and played better in the second half. We’ve just got to do it for 60 minutes.”

Griffin shrugged off the notion that his technique was off, too.

“You guys can sit here and pick apart technique, pick apart ‘is he rusty,’ ‘did he not play well enough’ — I just think we didn’t play well in the first half at all. There’s no way around that.”

He began the game wearing a big brace on his right knee, but said that the NFL asked him to cover it up for reasons he said he was unsure of. He covered it with his pantsleg and sock.

The final takeaway?

“It’s a great moment. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to turn out, but coming out at half time, we talked in there as an offense and said we’ll find out a lot about our team, what happens in the second half. I think we did find out a lot — the same thing we knew from last year. This team’s got a lot of heart. Guys are going to fight ’til the end no matter what happens.”

And surviving his first game, on a personal level?

“I think everyone involved — coaches, doctors, trainers, everyone — is relieved that I came out of the game okay — parents, fans, everybody. It felt good. Like I said, it’s fun and it’s a joy to get out there and play with your teammates, the guys that you train with, the guys that you form a camaraderie with. It’s always fun. You want to get the W. I’m never one to say ‘it’s just one game.’ We’ve got to get better. We will”

Shanahan on RGIII, loss: “It’s not just one guy”

The key question for Mike Shanahan, as it was the last time he stood at the podium at FedEx Field after a game that counted, concerned quarterback Robert Griffin III, who started slowly Monday and then came on late in a 33-27 loss to the Eagles.

Shanahan wasn’t about to put the loss on RGIII.

“It’s everybody. It’s not just one guy, until i look at the film. You’ve got to have 11 guys going together. You have nine, 10, sometimes it looks the way it did. You just can’t get any momentum and you turn the ball over early, put our defense in some tough situations and we just couldn’t catch up.

“We had an opportunity late to get us back in the ballgame and we jumped offsides on that fourth down. We had the right protection and the right play and at least had the opportunity to get back into the game. We fell a little bit short.”

Griffin looked better — different in the fourth quarter. But Shanahan wasn’t mentioning RGIII by name or speaking in depth about the QB and whether he was finally finding his groove late in the game.

“It’s a combination of a lot of things. Any time your offense doesn’t go you’re always going to try to put it on the quarterback. That’s kind of the nature of the business. It wasn’t the quarterback. It was the combination of a lot of people working together. One guy is a little off here and there — if it’s a dropped ball or a missed assignment or a penalty, a combination of those things –we’ve got to play a lot better than we did.”

Injury report from Shanahan: Ryan Kerrigan continues to be evaluated for a concussion; Chris Thompson is okay; Pierre Garcon had cramps (as did several players):

Redskins lose to Eagles, 33-27

Washington’s comeback attempt fell short against the new-look Philadelphia Eagles, 33-27. The Redskins fell behind by 26 points in the third quarter but came storming back behind Robert Griffin III, who finished 30 for 49 with 329 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw a pair of interceptions.

Your most liked comment of the night

Courtesy of mistamoe:

“The people hating Griffin today will wear his jersey in January.”

Eagles recover onside kick

Jason Avant had some issues handling the onside kick but eventually recovered with 1:12 to play. That’s a wrap folks.

Redskins get within 33-27 with 1:14 to go

Robert Griffin III’s 24-yard touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson with 1:14 to play draws Washington within 33-27.

Redskins down 13 with two minutes to play

Robert Griffin III has grown more comfortable in the second half, but a rally that cut a 26-point deficit to 33-20 appears too little too late. Redskins have the ball at their 31 coming back from the break.

Eagles slowing considerably in second half

Eagles Coach Chip Kelly talks with running back LeSean McCoy (25)  during the second half. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

After running 53 plays in the first half, the Eagles have had 20 snaps in the second half with 4:44 to play. They’re trying to hang on after leading by 26.

Redskins fail to convert on fourth down

Robert Griffin III’s pass intended to Aldrick Robinson was defended well by Cary Williams on fourth down. Eagles ball with 6:48 to go.

Michael Vick limping

(Patrick Semansky/Associated Press)

Michael Vick was limping as he came off the field after the Eagles’ punt, grabbing at his groin area.

He seemed to have aggravated an injury with a long run, then was gassed and the Eagles were forced to punt with a 33-20 lead. Suddenly, the Redskins and Robert Griffin III were finding their groove and it was the Eagles’ turn to look tired.


Huge holding penalty against Eagles

PHI was in field goal range, but a holding call on third down pushes the ball back 10 yards before Michael Vick throws incomplete. Eagles forced to punt. Big stand there by WSH.

Eagles huddle for first time

After going no-huddle for three quarters, the Eagles are huddling to take time off the clock while protecting a 33-20 lead that was 33-7 not that long ago.

Barry Cofield plays with one hand

The Redskins’ Barry Cofield is wearing a club-like cast on his broken right hand:

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Some background from Mike Jones:

Cofield suffered the injury early in Washington’s second preseason game, in which he recorded two tackles and a sack and an additional hit on the quarterback in 18 plays.

Cofield had sat out the last two weeks of practice and final pair of preseason games.

Cofield maintained that he doesn’t expect the cast to seriously limit him. Cofield said he plans to experiment with several different types of casts. One version could be the club that he used in practice on Monday, another could be similar, but with his fingers free. Cofield said he hadn’t officially been ruled in for the game, but that he aimed to prove himself in practice with the intention of playing.


Skins cut it to 33-20 early in 4Q

Robert Griffin III completes a 10-yard touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson, and the Redskins move within 33-20 with 12:24 left in regulation.

Redskins recover fumble

After a reception in the flat, Eagles WR Jason Avant gets hit by Josh Wilson and fumbles. LB Perry Riley recovers to give WSH possession at the Eagles 29.

Donte Stallworth still believes


At least they were wearing helmets

This amply sums up Robert Griffin III’s evening.

From Nate Scott at USA Today:

Skins trail Eagles at end of 3Q, 33-14

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III scrambles with the ball. (Patrick Semansky/Associated Press)

The Redskins finally got their offense going with touchdown drive to close the third quarter. Alfred Morris capped the possession with a five-yard scoring run, and Robert Griffin III completed 5 of 7 passes.

Morris TD run trims Redskins deficit to 33-14

Alfred Morris scores on a five-yard touchdown run with six seconds left in third quarter to draw the Redskins within 33-14. It was the first offensive touchdown for Washington.

Redskins running back Alfred Morris carries the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. (Patrick Semansky/Associated Press)

RGIII hit again with middle pressure

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is about to be hit by  Eagles linebacker Trent Cole (58) after releasing a pass. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Robert Griffin III frequently has faced pressure from the Eagles up the middle. Partially explains why he’s been in the shotgun quite a bit.

Comment consensus: it’s just not our night.

Forbath’s miss seems to have put a fork in this one for most Redskins’ fans:

HokiesSkins: “What a night.”

stk4life: “Really? when it’s bad it’s bad, time to call it a night!”

Revis Goodworth: “Good grief.”

Sk1er: “snakebit tonight…”

All of this summed up by a guy who knows a thing or two about long nights, RipVanWinkle:

“Just one of those nights.”

…who also provided some much-needed perspective:

“0-1 to start the season is dismal.”

How’s RGIII look?

RGIII’s brace is covered. (Alex Brandon / AP)

Robert Griffin III started the game wearing the big, bulky black brace on his right knee and there was a fair amount of conversation about whether it had disappeared as the game wore on.

It’s still there, The Post’s Mike Jones reports. It’s just now covered by Griffin’s pantsleg and sock. So, at least in that respect, he looks like the RGIII of 2012.

But the bigger question is: How’s he look?

What’s your take on RGIII? Bear in mind that next week the Redskins face Clay Matthews and the Green Bay Packers, with Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions up the next week.

Jon Gruden points out that “he’s falling away from his throws. He’s not finishing his throws. He’s up on his toes. I realize there’s some rush around him, but he hasn’t been around a live rush. He’s not finishing throws, he’s not finishing on his front foot. He’s a little bit tentative and … Philadelphia’s bringing it.”

No sooner does he say this and RGIII misses a wide-open Santana Moss with “a poor throw.”

Eagles use Rocky, Elvis signs

Philadelphia’ coaches hold up Rocky and Elvis signs.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Check out more great photos from FedEx Field in our photo gallery.

Forbath misses 40-yard FG

Redskins PK Kai Forbath misses a 40-yard field goal, wasting the Redskins’ best drive of the game. They trail the Eagles, 33-7, with 6:30 left in the third quarter.

LeBron’s worried about Durant’s mental health

He has good reason to be concerned…

McCoy’s TD run gives Eagles 33-7 lead

RB LeSean McCoy darted through a gaping hole on the left side for a 34-yard TD run and a 33-7 Eagles lead with 12:08 left in third quarter. McCoy has 149 yards on 21 carries.

RGIII throws second INT

Robert Griffin III’s weak throw to the left sideline gets intercepted by Cary Williams. Eagles ball at the Skins 30.

WSH starts second half with ball

Redskins had only three first downs in the first half. They need a prolonged drive.

And the most liked comment of the first half goes to…

Slick Rick! who writes:

“For those of you calling for Kirk Cousins…you are pathetic!!!

And a close second, from noonefromtampa3:

“RG3 vs. Vick footrace — 1 question
is a pitbull chasing Vick?”

And honorable mention (aka most liked by me):

Konspikuous: “Is this my fault? Am I wearing the wrong hat? Should I put on a shirt?”

…and the response from alex35332: “No, and maybe yes.”

Nearly 2,000 comments and counting. Keep ’em coming!

D’Angelo Hall’s approval rating

DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles runs from DeAngelo Hall.

is even lower than usual…

‘Skins nation speaks after Hall’s horse-collar tackle:

Familynet: “Still happy Hall returned?”

Overzealous: “that’s what we get w/ Hall. No surprise there.”

Slick Rick: “I swear I would bench Hall…you can’t do that!”

Familynet: “Don’t be surprised by Hall. Dumbest in the game.”

BillAvoider: “DHall SUX!

And our unofficial analyst of the night Kevin Durant (in fairness, this came before the horse collar)…

Redskins trail Eagles at half, 26-7

A referee breaks up an altercation between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins in the first half. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The Redskins have had no answers for the Eagles’ spread offense, and two Washington turnovers haven’t helped either. The Birds ran 53 plays in the first half and outgained their NFC East rivals, 322-75.

Quiet descends on FedEx Field

It’s quiet, awfully quiet in FedEx Field.

But wait…there’s a smidgen of hope, a glimpse of possibility.



RGIII called for grounding

RGIII took a big hit while throwing the ball away to no one in particular. He got up slowly, and officials called intentional grounding.

Vick scores to give Eagles 26-7 lead

Michael Vick’s three-yard run expands the Eagles lead to 26-7 with 56 seconds left until halftime. Vick faked handoff to LeSean McCoy and kept it up the middle.

Two-minute warning

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy runs from  Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo. (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Eagles have run 50 plays in the 1Q at the two-minute warning. They’re moving the ball again with RB LeSean McCoy roaming free on lead draws. Philly using majorly unbalanced offensive fronts too to confuse the Skins.

Eagles get Vick TD pass to Celek, lead 19-7

Michael Vick tosses touchdown pass to TE Brent Celek for a 19-7 lead with 6:10 to go before halftime. Second TD pass for Vick.

DeAngelo Hall’s foolish penalty

Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall is called for a personal foul for dragging DeSean Jackson down well out of bounds. No surprise the two continued talking back and forth well after the penalty.

Redskins generating pressure

Best way to counter spread offense is with pressure up the middle. Ryan Kerrigan doing just that. Eagles o-line missing assignments. A byproduct of trying to hide finer points of new offense during preseason.

Looking at RGIII

(Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

How does Robert Griffin III look so far?

Adam Caplan sees a difference from the 2012 edition, although we should mention that there’s been only one quarter of play.

And, from Dave Sheinin:


Comments consensus: everybody take a deep breath.

Getting first-down run from Alfred Morris at the end of the first quarter seemed to ease Redskins’ nation’s nerves a bit:

As —swb put it:”Bad 1/8th of football for the Skins, but that’s why they play 60 minutes. The second half of the first quarter has been much better and things are just getting going.”

gfunkmartin agrees: “Our D is getting a feel for how to handle the offense. Does anyone else get the sense that the Eagles have slowed down a little on getting the snap off too?”

Dgreen121: “I feel a little better, like things have calmed down a bit. you guys?”

Well Dgreen, then your Redskins had to punt…
Hammondave: “RGIII is done… he is a small running QB with a gammy leg. Look at the history of small running qbs in the NFL…”
Three quarters to go…

RGIII’s first play back

At 7:33 p.m., Robert Griffin III took his first snap of the season and handed the ball off to Alfred Morris, who fumbled.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III prepares to hand off the ball on his first play since his devastating knee injury to end last season. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Not every injury is a real injury…

The Eagles kept the Redskins defense on the field for 30 first-quarter plays. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

Kedric Golston limped off, which prompted a discussion on ESPN of players faking injuries in order to slow down the pace of up-tempo offenses. The Eagles had run 29 plays when Golston went down.

Last week, the NFL sent a memo to teams to warn them that there’d be discipline if teams were faking injuries. On Sunday night, Jerry Jones accused the Giants of doing just that against the Cowboys.

The problem, though, is telling when a player is faking.

Redskins trail after 1Q, 12-7

Despite two turnovers and a wide disparity in plays allowed to the Eagles, Washington trails, 12-7, and are moving the ball. Alfred Morris, who had a shaky first quarter, is picking up yards in zone runs.

WSH forces punt, gains possession after touchback

Rookie DB Dave Amerson deflects Michael Vick’s pass to force a change of possession. Skins take over at the 20.

Redskins’ camper Donte Stallworth on former teammates’ slow start

Veteran wideout Stallworth — former Eagle — participated in training camp with the Redskins but was let go before final cut day. Still his team in some ways, though, so he probably has a decent sense of the mood on the sidelines right now. (@EIGHTODANINE = Santana Moss)


An entry in which a Nats comparison is made

And now a safety for the Eagles with the miscue in the end zone between Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris after Chris Thompson made a fair catch at the 5? Yikes.






Redskins give up safety, trail 12-7

A bad pitch to Alfred Morris results in Eagles safety. Birds lead, 12-7, with 4:50 to go in 1Q.

Asterisk by Eagles offense

Remember WSH defense is without Meriweather, Jenkins, Carriker, Crawford and Robinson. Can’t make a complete evaluation of Chip Kelly’s spread offense just yet.

RGIII: to tuck and run or pass?

Robert Griffin III made a poor decision and opted to throw rather than doing what he did last year — taking off down the field.

He threw into triple coverage and was intercepted.



Robert Griffin forces a pass

RG3’s pass over the middle intended for Santana Moss gets intercepted by Brandon Boykin. That’s two possessions for the Skins and two turnovers.

Skins need to mount a drive

Last thing Washington needs to have its defense back on the field after three plays and a punt.

Kevin Durant on Morris’s fumble

My thoughts exactly…?

Redskins-Eagles takes Twitter by storm


Check out what’s trending in Washington. RGIII’s pregame remarks on Hitch have picked up steam.

As for trending worldwide? Only RGIII has that distinction, so far.

Kevin Durant on the Skins’ TD

Former All-Met Basketballer of the Year Kevin Durant weighing in on his hometown team:

Skins defense gets a rest

Chip Kelly’s unsuccessful challenge of the ruling on the field of an incomplete pass provided the Skins defense with time to rest. Eagles get field goal to cut lead to 7-3.

Michael Vick and accuracy

Eagles receivers are open. Wide open.

Say this for the Philadelphia Eagles: their receivers are wide open and Michael Vick isn’t hitting them, a trend that is not going unnoticed in what is a wacky game so far.






Vick missing throws early

Eagles spread offense moving at will. Only foibles have been poor throws by Michael Vick. Accuracy historically not his forte.

Boz’s very early take

From Tom Boswell…


Eagles getting whatever they want up middle

It’s wide open for the Eagles. Skins defending the boundaries and deep, making sure not to let anyone get behind them.

No break for Skins defense

Right back on the field after that long Eagles opening drive.

Eagles are fast, DeAngelo Hall smarter

Well, that happened and the Redskins have a 7-0 lead over the Eagles, whose fast-paced march down the field was for nothing. For nothing for them, that is.


There’s a new coach, but that really was very Eagles-esque.




Ruling stands

Replays couldn’t overturn call of backward pass. Shows what happens when a team tries to run a new offense with little practice. Redskins lead, 7-0, on DeAngelo Hall’s interception return.

RGIII pregame: “I feel like Will Smith in Hitch”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a player say that pregame…

Here’s why that actually somehow makes sense:

Will Smith’s seventh-best cinema hit, “Hitch” (2005) tells the story of Kevin James, a chubby, middle-aged guy who’s given up on love and runs into Hitch (Smith), a “date doctor” who helps him pull it together and woo the woman of his dreams.

At one point in the movie, James’s character is so overcome with emotion that he chokes and can’t find the words to express his feelings — probably because she’s way out of his league, but who’s counting.

SO, as RGIII tried to explain, he’s exactly the same as Kevin James: chubby, middle-aged, and unable to express his feelings about the girl (comeback) that’s occupied his every thought for months.



Redskins missing tackles

Counted three on LeSean McCoy’s last run.

Eagles moving quickly

Great fourth down call to LeSean McCoy with Redskins defense gassed.

Middle of field open for Birds

Eagles dinking and dunking down field with zone read and bubble screen.

RGIII takes the field




Looks like a few people might miss kickoff…

Maybe it’s the early workday start, maybe it’s the bag policy. But there are some long, long lines at the FedEx Field gates right now…


Nothing fun happens in the first quarter anyway…

Photos: The scene outside FedEx Field

Lusby residents Dave “Chief D” Lysinger, left, and Tina Newsome, center, dance to the sounds of the Redskins marching band. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Peter Gigilo, of Rockville, jumps over his friend Ben Willems, of Silver Spring, while tailgating before the game. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Tiffany Fernandez leans in to give her boyfriend Brandon Merhout, both of Richmond, a kiss while tailgating before the game. (Toni. L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

What to look for in Chip Kelly’s offense

First-year Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s teams at Oregon averaged 82 plays per game. That’s basically the number to watch tonight. If Philly can run close to that amount, the offense has a chance of working in the NFL. But unlike college, Kelly’s players don’t have the advantage of being supremely better athletes week in and week out.

RGIII tests his leg with a kick

Robert Griffin III does a Kai Forbath impersonation before the game:

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Caption contest anyone?

Freddy Adu weighs in

Seems conflicted…

Channeling Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick carved up the Green Bay Packers with little reliance on the read option. I can see the Redskins trying to protect Robert Griffin III in similar fashion.

Alfred Morris is ready…

…and uses Tide!

Bruce Allen in Redskins golf cart

Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen enjoyed a laugh with fans before the game:

(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

RGIII, Vick warm up

Fresh photos of RGIII and Michael Vick warming up:

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III gets ready before the game. (Nick Wass/Associated Press)

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick gets loose. (Nick Wass/Associated Press)

Brandon Meriweather among inactives

Mike Jones has the Redskins inactives, and the most significant one of those is SS Brandon Meriweather.

Strong safety Brandon Meriweather will not play in the Washington Redskins‘ season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. Eighth-year veteran Reed Doughty will start in his place.

(John McDonnell/The Washington Post) (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Meriweather had been listed as questionable for the game because of a groin injury suffered last Monday.

Meriweather spent the offseason working his way back from anterior cruciate ligament surgery, and played in the first two quarters of the preseason finale at Tampa Bay. His surgically repaired right knee responded favorably to that action. But then he hurt his groin. Meriweather last season played only one half of a football game while plagued by knee injuries.

Meriweather on Monday took the field for a round of pregame warmups under the direction of strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright. But he obviously wasn’t healthy enough for the team to give him the green light.

The team’s other inactives: Quarterbacks Rex Grossman and Pat White, running back Evan Royster, guard Josh LeRibeus, safety Jose Gumbs, and nose tackle Chris Neild.

Meanwhile, nose tackle Barry Cofield, who fractured his right hand in the second preseason game and hadn’t played since, will indeed play. He experimented with several different casts in last week’s practice and was listed as questionable on Saturday’s injury report.

Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins (mid-foot sprain) also had been listed as probable, and will play.

Also active for the Redskins is rookie running back Chris Thompson, who is expected to handle punt return duties.


Tommy Lasorda in the house

Hanging with former Redskins’ great Joe Theismann.

The latest entry in the “most…interesting…red-based outfit” contest which seems to be taking place at FedEx Field tonight.



Reed Doughty is starting

There’s a reason that Reed Doughty is starting tonight against the Philadelphia Eagles. He stays ready.


Ray Lewis in the house

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is present and accounted for in his new gig as an ESPN commentator. Also, he is wearing that big new ring he got last winter.

(Courtesy John Ourand)

A little more disturbingly, he appeared to rub the tum-tum of Robert Griffin III.


RGIII in the house

RGIII arriving in…style?: Red Beats, a red hoodie, and a T-shirt of the Dauphins de Nice, the French team he trained with on his honeymoon (read more — and yes, we have more coverage of RGIII’s T-shirt — here).

From the front:

…and the red-hoodie/oversized T-shirt combo just passed Alfred Morris’s ensemble for  the coolest look in the DMV.

Note the adidas hat. The NFL sure will…


It’s Alex Ovechkin in an RGIII jersey

It’s a good day to be Alex Ovechkin. The Capitals star was invited to be the first Russian to hold the Olympic torch after it is lighted at the Sochi Games next February and then he put on his Robert Griffin III jersey and headed to FedEx Field, where John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal spotted him.


NFL’s new bag policy: what you need to know

(Seth Perlman / AP)

The first home game of the regular season draws a number of fans who skipped preseason games and may not be aware just how serious the NFL is taking its new bag policy.

Here’s what you need to know: Each fan can bring in one 12-inch by 12-inch by 4-inch clear plastic bag. This can be a Ziploc bag or a tote that the teams are, thoughtfully, selling for around the cost of a stadium beer. Each fan can also bring in a small clutch purse, roughly 4.5 inches by 6 inches.

(Courtesy NFL)

The goals, the NFL says, are improved security in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings and moving fans faster through security. And the NFL is very, very serious. Forget packs of the back- and fanny- type and don’t even think about bringing that sweet Fendi. Fans at preseason games have been turned back at the stadium entrance and have had to stash purses in cars, in bushes and — gasp — in trash cans.

(Courtesy NFL)

More details on the new policy can be found here.

A Redskins fans holds her items in a clear bag before entering FedEx Field. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

The grass at FedEx is alive and well

The last time anyone saw the field at FedEx before an NFL game, it was a hard, dry surface upon which grass seed could find no purchase.

Tonight? Oh, it is a Posturepedic of Kentucky bluegrass. Or something like that. In any event, it’s very green, it’s alive and it looks cushy and also possibly sneeze-inducing. More importantly, it was been inspected and approved by the NFL, which is paying attention to turf matters after That Thing That Happened to That Quarterback at FedEx Last January brought it to everyone’s attention.



RGIII billboard has a Va. Tech vibe

There’s a billboard featuring — who else??? — Robert Griffin III outside FedEx Field now and if it looks to you as if he is playing for Virginia Tech, well, you’re not alone.



Fred Smoot. Beer pong.


Change the name?

The season opener at FedEx Field is as good a venue as any to take a stance on whether the team’s name should be changed.

Redskins vs. Eagles: Live

Redskins fans are hoping for plenty of ‘Griffining’ this season. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Welcome to the second half discussion for the long-awaited season opener between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles from FedEx Field. The Eagles lead, 26-7, thanks to an uptempo offense that  has run 53 plays in the first half. Four teams ran that many or fewer during an entire game Sunday.

Fast facts | Secondary seeks positives | Vick excited for Eagles high-tempo offense | Defending the read option |  Meriweather questionable | Box score