Alfred Morris scrambles to recover a missed connection with Robert Griffin III. Morris fell on the fumbled pitch for an early safety. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

For a lot of you, the snap reaction to the question “What went wrong?” would be “everything.”

To a point, like from kickoff through Kai Forbath’s missed kick, that’d be fairly accurate. To be quite honest, some things happened — Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III being careless with the football — that were uncharacteristic and won’t happen again. And some issues might be correctable, if the root cause can be traced.

Also, give the opponent some credit. The Eagles have a lot of offensive talent, and when it’s moving at that pace, it can be dangerous. But they also gave a good effort on defense and special teams, and hung on to win.

Still, we’re all football fans. It’s too easy to simply say “sometimes, there are games when not much goes right” and blow it off. There are fingers to point and people to blame, dang it!

So we ask, what went wrong?

Some of the simplest conclusions — the Redskins were rusty, or unprepared, or buckled under the pressure of high expectations, at home on Monday night — don’t necessarily hold up. Washington, after all, got the game’s first big break, the DeAngelo Hall scoop-and-run after Ryan Kerrigan batted a Michael Vick pass. Shouldn’t they have been the ones off and running?

Maybe the Redskins were overconfident. Out of sync. Ran into an opponent that simply played a better game that night.

Not everything can be so easily summarized. But we’re football fans, darned if we don’t try.

Jason Reid wrote that the defense got exposed and Griffin didn’t have his normal touch. Tom Boswell said the Redskins were stunned and confused. The Redskins themselves were disappointed in their play, but realize they’ve got 15 more games to better represent themselves.

So where do you stand the morning after? What went wrong, and how do the Redskins fix it quickly, with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers up next?

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What’s ahead:

● Mike Jones’s mailbag moves to Tuesdays during the season. He’ll answer questions about Monday night’s game, so fire away to with “mailbag question” in the subject line.

● It’s a quick turnaround for Sunday’s game in Green Bay, in which two teams with high hopes will try to avoid an 0-2 start. The Redskins do not practice on Tuesday, but RB Alfred Morris and Coach Mike Shanahan will speak with reporters in the afternoon.