Chris Thompson Chris Thompson, here returning a punt in the preseason, made his regular season debut Monday night as the Redskins’ punt returner. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Rookie punt returner Chris Thompson said he will learn from the mistakes he made in the Washington Redskins’ season-opening loss Monday night to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Thompson fielded two punts inside his own 10-yard line. On one of those, he made a fair catch at his 5-yard line.

“I wouldn’t say I was nervous,” Thompson said Wednesday. “But I was just trying to catch every catchable punt and not try to lose any yards. But that punt I caught inside the 5, I shouldn’t have backed up for it. It was just a bad decision by me. I’ve just got to continue to improve.”

Thompson hasn’t returned punts regularly since high school. He inherited the job during the preseason when the Redskins’ top punt returner, Richard Crawford, suffered a season-ending knee injury.

Special teams coach Keith Burns “teaches [to] catch every catchable punt,” Thompson said. “I think that first punt, I was just thinking too much on catching it instead of just letting it go. That just comes with reps. He told me the other day by the end of the season, you’re gonna catch about 2,000 punts at practice. So I’m excited to just get at practice every day and just continue to catch punts and continue to get more and more confident.”

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