(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

GREEN BAY, Wis.—Penalties again plagued the Washington Redskins here on Sunday, including a 15-yard personal foul assessed to Niles Paul after a third-quarter punt.

“Niles is a great player,” Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said. “I saw exactly what happened. I can understand why he was upset. I told Niles, ‘I understand. I watched the whole play. But you’ve got to keep your cool…. They’re going to always see the second shot. So just keep your poise.’ Niles is a great young man. He works extremely hard. He’s gonna do the things that you always want a player that plays hard to do. But I got after him pretty good. I said, ‘Nobody can do that. You can’t give your team a 15-yard penalty.”

Referee Tony Corrente announced that Paul had been penalized for a head-butt. Paul said the Packers player who was involved — believed to have been Davon House, although Paul did not identify the player — had been holding him throughout the game.

“He kept grabbing me,” Paul said. “He kept grabbing me in the same spot trying to pull me to the ground and I kept telling the refs. They said they were going to look for it. And on that last play, he just blatantly did it. He just yanked me to the ground. And I just got frustrated and reacted, and I know I shouldn’t have. I’ve got to be better than that.”