RGIII: “We’ll figure this out”

(Mike Roemer / AP)

Robert Griffin III completed 26 of 40 passes for 320 yards and three touchdowns, but was 6-of-13 for 107 yards in the first half. The Redskins and RGIII continued to play differently in the second half, just as they did in the opening loss to the Eagles. The Redskins have been outscored 50-7 in the opening halves of their first two games.

“It’s real frustrating,” he told the media. “I think there was a clear difference between this week’s first half and last week’s first half. We hurt ourselves a lot with turnovers last week. This week it wasn’t necessarily turnovers. Talking to the guys in the locker room, we can’t put our finger on what it is and that’s the really frustrating part. We’ve got to convert third downs, of course. But aside from that we’ve got to make plays. It’s not on the coaches, it’s not on anybody else. It’s on us. I think the guys understand that and we’ll be better moving forward. We’ll figure this out. We know this isn’t who we are as a team. … What we’ve shown is not acceptable to us.”

Griffin wasn’t saying how much closer he is physically to where he wants to be.

“I’m not going to … This is not an individual sport. We lost the game. Stats don’t matter. You’ve got to go win. I can’t really answer that question.”

Griffin indicated that he’d ride his teammates a little harder, be a “stern” leader.

“You’ve got to trust your preparation. I think we do that, you know. We’ trusted our preparation for the first game — it didn’t work. We trusted our preparation for the second game — it didn’t work. You can’t just totally jump ship. It’s not that time. I don’t think this time will ever do that. It’s just not that time. You’ve got to prepare the same way you do every week. I think the sense of urgency this past week was higher than it was the first week. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t high the first week, but I think it was higher this week. I think it’ll increase even more.

“If those guys want me to go out there and be the stern leader, then I’m willing to do that. I got some of that from some of my teammates on the sideline, asking me to do some more things. Not necessarily change who I am as a person, but if they want me to be hard on ’em, I’ll be hard on ’em. When you start 0-2, it’s a little harder to go about that, but I think it’s what we need.”

The first two games have been sloppy and “sloppy.”

“I’m hard on my teammates. You want to make the plays, you want them to go out there and make the plays. If I have to do a little more to clean up that sloppiness, then I’ll do it.”

Just as he did Monday, placed the blame squarely on his shoulders.

“I thought my sharpness was much better this game than it was last game, from the get-go. All of that falls on me. I’m not going to point the finger at anybody else. It doesn’t matter what goes on on that field, I’m responsible for that. I’m the quarterback. Everyone’s going to look at me and that’s what I do. You have to take that. You have to be willing to take that. We’ll be better. Period.

“It’s all on me. No matter what happens this next game, it’ll still all be on me. We’ll make it happen. We’ll figure out whatever we’re missing right now and we’ll make it happen.”

Mike Shanahan’s take, postgame

In fairness to Mike Shanahan, there was a lot to complain about. (Tom Lynn/ AP))

Highlights from Mike Shanahan’s press conference:

“I thought offensively we did some good things. [We] made some mistakes. Any time you’re 0-for-6 on third and fourth downs, it’s hard to get a lot of momentum going. I thought we ran the ball fairly effectively when we were in a situation where you had some balance in the game. I was pleased with that, especially against this type of a front considering what they did last week [against the 49ers] and how well they played. … You can’t go 0-for-6 and expect to move the football and keep your defense off the field as well.

“In the second half, we did make some bigger plays, we did keep some drives going and we’ve got to do that the whole game. It’s not going to happen overnight. We’re getting better.”

Shanahan repeats what he said Monday night, that it takes an effort by all the players on the field to be successful and adds, “Collectively, as I said last week, it only takes one or two guys…But when you look at where we’re at and some of the guys we’ve got coming in, I feel about the potential of our football team. We’ve got to get better day by day.”

About that whole 0-2 thing…

“We’re 0-2 and I think everybody knows the percentages just like everybody knew the percentages last year when we were 3-6. That really doesn’t matter. What we have to do is get back to the basics and the things that we have done well.”

About the secondary and Mr. Rodgers’ 400+ yards passing…

“We’re getting back to the drawing board. We’ve got to improve in that area. No question about it.”

On RGIII, the offense…

“I think he’s really doing a good job for not having any OTAs, coming back in the thick of things, playing this football team in this venue, coming back the way he did. It’s going to take everybody getting on the same page and our timing to get where we want to get.

“You can’t overreact, but you know there’s a sense of urgency that you know we have to get our business done.”


Skins lose to Packers, 38-20, drop to 0-2

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) talks to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)


Aaron Rodgers matches a franchise record with 480 yards to go along with four touchdowns, and James Jones has a career-high 178 yards receiving in a 38-20 win. Robert Griffin III, meantime, completes 26 of 40 for 320 yards and three touchdowns while Alfred Morris rushes for 107 yards on 13 carries.

Packers running out the clock

(Tom Lynn/Associated Press)

Aaron Rodgers will kneel to run out the clock for a 38-20 victory.

Two-minute warning

Packers are at the Skins 10 with two minutes to play. QB Aaron Rodgers has tied the franchise record with 480 passing yards. RB James Starks has 132 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries.

James Jones nearing 200 yards

After being held without a catch in Week 1, James Jones has 178 yards on 11 receptions.

No more timeouts for Skins

Washington uses its last timeout with 6:33 to play.

Picking on Bacarri Rambo

James Jones moves the sticks for the Packers with a 12-yard catch in front of Bacarri Rambo. Aaron Rodges has 426 passing yards.

Skins win challenge, cut margin to 38-20 in 4Q

Santana Moss is ruled inbounds on six-yard touchdown catch, and Skins trim margin to 38-20 after missing on conversion throw with 7:40 left in regulation.

Skins challenging ruling on Moss catch

Santana Moss ruled out of bounds on catch end zone, but Skins are challenging. Looked like Moss didn’t get second foot inbounds before going out. Stay tuned.

Skins back on offense with 9:21 to play

Robert Griffin III has 275 passing yards with two touchdowns and an interception. He’s completed 22 of 34 attempts, including eight for 143 yards to Pierre Garcon. Garcon also has one touchdown reception.

Starting 0-2 is bad news …

In case you hadn’t heard:

Packers reach milestone

Green Bay Packers Coach Mike McCarthy reacts as he watches a replay on the scoreboard. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

The Packers have a 400-yard passer and 100-yard rusher in a game for the first time in team history. Aaron Rodgers has 414 passing yards, and James Starks has run for 118 yards. Green Bay hasn’t had a 100-yard rusher in three years.

Skins move within 38-14 in 4Q

Rookie TE Jordan Reed grabs three-yard touchdown from Robert Griffin III. Skins cut it to 38-14 with 11:08 to play.

RGIII stats into fourth quarter

Robert Griffin III has 266 passing yards with a touchdown and interception with 12:17 left in regulation.

Near disaster for Skins

RGIII takes snap, turns to hand off, and there’s no one there.

Skins fumble overturned

Aldrick Robinson’s knee is ruled down before he fumbled. Skins dodge one there.

Aldrick Robinson coughs up fumble

After making a catch over the middle, Skins WR Aldrick Robinson fumbles, and the Packers recover to thwart a potential scoring drive.

Packers’ historical perspective

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrates a touch down against the Washington Redskins. (Darren Hauck/Reuters)


RGIII to Garcon for 23 yards

Quarteback Robert Griffen III of the Washington Redskins is forced out of the pocket. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Skins convert on third down and 11 with Robert Griffin III’s completion to Pierre Garcon.

Skins trail big at end of 3Q, 38-7

Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, right, and Jordy Nelson congratulate James Starks (44) after his 32-heard touchdown run during the second half . (Morry Gash/Associated Press)

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has a career-high 414 passing yards with four touchdowns, including two to Jordy Nelson. RB James Starks has 116 yards on 13 carries.

Pros weigh in on Redskins’ struggles

The professional sports community has taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the Redskins abysmal performance:

Dick Vitale:

Phillip Daniels, 15-year NFL vet, former Redskins’ director of player development:

Dan Hellie, NFL Network host:

Former UVA basketball star Sean Singletary:

Blazers’ guard, former Duke standout Nolan Smith:

Jon Heyman, CBS baseball reporter:

D-Backs’ pitcher Daniel Hudson:

And the best response of the day, by anyone, anywhere, about anything — to Hudson’s tweet:


Aaron Rodgers approaching 400 yards

Green Bay’s quarterback is 28 of 34 for 377 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s a career high in passing yardage for Rodgers.

The defense also became the first team to allow a Packer rusher to go over 100 yards in 44 games.

Packers expand lead to 38-7 in 3Q

James Starks breaks free for a 32-yard touchdown run, giving the Packers a 38-7 lead with 2:48 to go in the quarter. Starks becomes the first Packers running back in 45 games to gain 100 yards.

Long completion to Jordy Nelson

Aaron Rodgers continues to throw darts, completing a 37-yard pass to Jordy Nelson, who caught the ball despite pass interference against Bacarri Rambo.

Skins trim deficit to 31-7 in 3Q

Robert Griffin III’s six-yard pass to Pierre Garcon provides Skins with their first points of the game, trimming the deficit to 31-7 with 4:18 left in the third quarter.

Apparent Skins touchdown to Pierre Garcon

Pierre Garcon is ruled out a the 1 after catching a pass from Robert Griffin III, but it appeared he pushed the ball across the plane of the goal line before landing out of bounds. Skins should win this challenge and finally get on the scoreboard.

When do Skins consider inserting Kirk Cousins?

With the game clearly out of hand, it may be time to think about bringing in Kirk Cousins. It’s not RGIII is rallying the Skins from a 31-0 hole. Perhaps first series of fourth quarter for Cousins?

Alfred Morris reaches 100 yards

Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris (R) is tackled by Green Bay Packers linebackers Brad Jones (C) and A.J. Hawk (L) during the first half of their NFL football game in Green Bay, Wisconsin September 15, 2013. REUTERS/Darren Hauck
Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris (R) is tackled by Green Bay Packers linebackers Brad Jones (C) and A.J. Hawk (L) during the first half of their NFL football game in Green Bay, Wisconsin September 15, 2013. REUTERS/Darren Hauck

Among the few positives today has been the running of Alfred Morris, who has 101 yards on 11 carries. Too bad the Skins didn’t lean on the second-year running back more when the game was still manageable.

Secondary continues to be mess for Skins

It hasn’t mattered if it’s Bacarri Rambo or Dave Amerson or DeAngelo Hall. The Packers have been able to target most anyone in the Skins secondary they want for big yardage.

Packers go up 31-0 in 3Q

Aaron Rodgers throws his fourth TD pass, this to Jordy Nelson covering 15 yards. Nelson got behind Bacarri Rambo. Packers lead 31-0 with 8:16 to go in third quarter.

Horrid Skins tackling

Jermichael Finley has 27-yard reception, breaking three tackles, including initial hit by Reed Doughty.

John Potter badly misses field goal

Skins place kicker John Potter isn’t even close on a 50-yard FG attempt. Potter is filling in for Kai Forbath today.

Another third down miss

Skins are now 2 for 17 on third downs this season.

Some deeply conflicted fans

…who probably aren’t all that conflicted right now:

RGIII starting to get more comfortable

Robert Griffin III is 9 for 17 for 143 yards. He’s getting a bit more time in the pocket too.

Skins take shot on first down

Robert Griffin III goes downfield to Pierre Garcon off play-action, but LB A.J. Hawk tips away ball at last second.

Angry Mike Shanahan

In particular, Niles Paul feels the heat from the Redskins’ coach.


Photos from the first half

The Packers’ Jordy Nelson celebrates with fans after a touchdown catch. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is sacked by Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson scores a touchdown as Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall (23) tries top stop him during the second quarter. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan argues a call during the first half. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)

Jermichael Finley (88) is congratulated by teammate Randall Cobb (18) after Finley’s touchdown catch. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Troy Aikman on RGIII’s knee

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III reacts as he walks off the field after throwing an interception. (Mike Roemer/Associated Press)

Troy Aikman begs to differ with Robert Griffin III when he says that his knee is completely healthy after reconstructive surgery in January.

“When you talk to him and you ask him ‘just where is that knee?’ and he says ‘it’s 100 percent,’ well, there’s no way it can be 100 percent.”

Finally a stop by Skins defense

Josh Wilson sacks Aaron Rodgers on a blitz on third down. Great stand by Skins. Packers punt, and after Chris Thompson return, Washington begins at its 46.

Three and out for Skins to open second half

Robert Griffin III’s pass to Santana Moss is broken up by Sam Shields, forcing a punt. Then Niles Paul head-butts a Packers player, committing fourth penalty on special teams for Skins.

Skins start at own 37 following kickoff

Skins kick returner Chris Thompson returns second-half kickoff to 22, then has personal foul tacked on to the 37.

Skins’ strategy in second half

It’s clear the Skins can do little to nothing to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ potent passing attack. Their best bet in the second half is to lean on Alfred Morris, who has 53 yards on eight carries in the first half, to extend possession. Limiting the number of snaps the Packers have in the second half is the only way Washington can hope to keep this game close.

A commitment to the running game also may allow openings down the field to Pierre Garcon or Leonard Hankerson. Look for the Skins to try to get TE Jordan Reed involved more in the short passing game as well.

About two dozen protest ‘Redskins’ name

Native Americans protest the Washington football franchise’s name before the Packers and Redskins played on Sunday. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Kent Babb blogged a longer update on the protest at Lambeau Field and what it was trying to accomplish here:

An excerpt:

“We’re trying to get the attention of Dan Snyder,” said Ken Munson, a demonstrator who described himself as a member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. “We’ve gotten the attention of Roger Goodell.”

On Sunday, the group – Morton said a group of about 170 gathered Friday at an all-day forum in Green Bay to discuss the issue, adding that he hoped for as large a number outside Lambeau – held signs and distributed flyers describing what Morton called a “racist legacy.”

He said a group of about 32 Redskins fans passed the demonstrators. Although many of the fans ignored the group or said it was wasting its time, Morton said six took flyers with them into the stadium.

“Well, six out of 32, that’s a pretty good number,” he said.

Skins halftime stats

Robert Griffin III just doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket. He’s 6 for 13 for 107 yards and an interception. RB Alfred Morris has 53 yards on eight carries. and Pierre Garcon has two catches for 62 yards.

Packers halftime stats

Packers QB set a personal record for most passing yards in a half with 335 and three touchdowns. WR James Jones has a career-high 152 yards receiving, and Randall Cobbs has 96 yards and a touchdown.

Skins trail 24-0 at half

Washington is fortunate to be down only 24-0. Packers had chance to add to lead, but James Jones fumbled at the goal line in closing seconds.

Best of the comments: first half

Below, the comments you liked most from the (insert your adjective of choice) first half.

From SMACK1: “4 pts for Kerrigan”

Slick Rick:“Our offense HAS to help the defense!!!!!”

Fred P. Harris: “Pylon: First half MVP.”

KellyinBC: “Pam Oliver made it through her first report coming off a concussion. I think she was about 80%. The wet grass won’t help her today. I think they’re rushing her back. Rift.”

shawnp220:An unwatchable game. Can’t be worse than this, even with Jim Zorn.

konspikuous: “Shut up Aikman.”

When the ‘Skins were almost in their own endzone:

Slick Rick: “Whatever you do…PLEASE don’t run a “pitch” here!!!!!”

And the most popular comment, this one from KellyinBC:

“This might be hokey, but when I was growing up, you cheered for the Redskins whether they were winning or losing. No matter how bad things got, you kept faith and pulled for the Skins to come through.

It’s 17-0 now… but you look for ways to come back rather than presuming the worst until the end of time.

The game isn’t over and the season isn’t over. True fans step up.”

Skins catch a break with Packers fumble

Huge break for the Skins after James Jones fumbles while stretching the ball toward goal line but fumbles. Ball hits pylon, giving Skins the touchback.

Packers move to Skins 35 in two-minute drill

Randall Cobb’s 10-yard reception puts the ball on Skins 35. Packers looking to pile on before halftime.

Two-minute warning

Halftime can’t come quickly enough for the Skins, who have been miserable on offense, defense and special teams. And apparently DeAngelo Hall not only can’t cover anyone, he can’t tackle either. Packers TE Andrew Quarless just dragged him for a first down.

RGIII intercepted on fourth and five

<iframe src=”https://vine.co/v/hnDpHZnqBQI/embed/simple” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><script async src=”//platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Robert Griffin III’s pass bounces off hands of Joshua Morgan, and backup LB Mike Neal catches it off carom for the interception.

RGIII sacked for loss of six

Robert Griffin III sacked by CB Davon House on read option play-action for loss of six.

Skins move to 34-yard line

Robert Griffin III completes 18-yard pass to Pierre Garcon to Packers 34.

Alfred Morris finally breaks loose

Alfred Morris get a great lead block from Darrel Young for 32-yard gain to Skins 48.

Skins backed up to 7 to start this series

Logan Paulsen penalty on kickoff puts Skins deep in own territory.

Packers take 24-0 lead in 2Q

Aaron Rodgers completes his third TD, this to TE Jermichael Finley for three yard. Finley went high to grab pass over DeAngelo Hall. Packers are running away with it, 24-0, with 7:07 to play until halftime.

Another big play to James Jones

James Jones hauls in 57-yard reception. Miscommunication between Dave Amerson and Reed Doughty. Jones had free release, looks like Amerson thought he was going to get help over the top.

James Starks filling in admirably

With starter Eddie Lacy out due to a concussion, James Starks has been filling in nicely. Fifteen yards on first down.

Skins falling short on TOP, first downs

A slow start for the Skins includes just three first downs and and 92 yards. They’ve also down nearly 2-1 in time of possession to Green Bay. Not good for a secondary that’s been riddled so far and is headed back onto the field.

Another three and out for Skins

Robert Griffin III throws incomplete on third down. Skins are 2 for 14 on third down conversions this season.

Skins start at 20

Washington finds Joshua Morgan for 18 yards on first down. First three series used 11 plays, covered 70 yards and all resulted in punts.

Game filled with penalties

Skins have committed three for 27 yards. Packers, meantime, have three for 25 yards. Not the cleanest game so far.

Rodgers having way with Skins secondary

The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson spin balls before the game. (Mike Roemer/Associated Press)

Aaron Rodgers has thrown for 200 yards and two TDs in less than 20 minutes. Skins have absolutely no answer. With Meriweather out, expect plenty more shots down the field. Just too many options for Rodgers with Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and James Jones.

Packers take 17-0 lead in 2Q

After having a TD called back two players earlier, Jordy Nelson beats DeAngelo Hall on inside route for a 14-yard touchdown with 11:40 left until intermission.

Skins dodge Packers TD for now

Jordy Nelson’s 10-yard TD catch gets called back because of holding.

Packers marching down the field

Packers are at the Redskins 10-yard line early in 2Q.

Meriweather to locker room

Brandon Meriweather is helped off the field during the first half . (Tom Lynn/AP)

Brandon Meriweather headed to locker room.


Brandon Meriweather down on sideline

Redskins S Brandon Meriweather, back after missing the season opener, collided helmet-to-helmet with RB John Starks and is down on the sideline. Looks like officials missed a penalty there. Starks lowered helmet at point of collision.

Skins elect not to go for it

Sav Rocca instead punts on fourth down from the 33 to begin the second quarter. Skins bypass 51-yard FG attempt by John Potter. Personal foul on Skins long snapper Jim Sundberg.

Skins trail 10-0 at end of 1Q

Skins facing fourth down and eight when action resumes. Looks like they’re setting up to go for it from the Packers 33. RGIII is 3 for 6 for 60 yards.

RGIII loses helmet

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III loses his helmet as he is sacked by Green Bay’s Clay Matthews and A.J. Hawk. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)

(Mike Roemer/AP)

RGIII scrambles, gets helmet jarred loose by Clay Matthews.

It sure was loud in that end zone…

Planes fly over Lambeau Field before the game. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)

As if the Packers’ line charging him seemingly unblocked wasn’t enough, RGIII had to deal with some rather significant crowd noise in that newly enclosed end zone as he tried to pull his team out of safety range. Lambeau, now the third-largest stadium in the NFL by capacity, is rocking today:


Packers take 10-0 lead in 1Q

Aaron Rodgers completes 35-yard TD to Randall Cobb on fourth and three. Cobb got behind second level, beat Bacarri Rambo and pulled away into end zone for 10-0 with 2:34 to go.

Robert Griffin III under fire

An ailing knee plus Packers pressure have conspired in Robert Griffin III’s slow start. He’s 1 for 4 for 14 yards. Skins have got to get running game going.

Skins to punt

Robert Griffin III throws incomplete under heavy duress, plus WR Pierre Garcon slipped.

Dangerous pass for Robert Griffin III

Ball batted a line of scrimmage, but Skins escape turnover. Third down coming up.

Skins benefitting from stout pass rush

Three sacks have helped to mask Skins weakness in the secondary. They’ll need to keep getting pressure on Aaron Rodgers, or it will be a long day, especially if Green Bay works out the kinks in its pass protection packages.

Skins hold, Packers to punt

James Jones makes 14-yard catch, but it’s hardly enough. Skins about to take possession for second time in 1Q.

Third down and 22 coming up for Packers

Aaron Rodgers gets sacked, then Packers jump offside.

Eddie Lacy will not return to game

Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers jumps over a this own man and is injured on the play against the Washington Redskins at Lambeau Field on September 15, 2013 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Eddie Lacy suffered a concussion on the big, helmet-to-helmet hit by Brandon Meriweather and he will not return to the game.

That’s a hit that will likely resonate with Meriweather, as well. Particularly in the wallet area.




Poor punt sets up Packers at their 35

Sav Rocca’s punt went just 25 yards. Packers first and 10 at their 35. With Eddie Lacy ailing, look for more passing. Bad news for Skins secondary.

General consensus: Ryan Kerrigan “is a beast.”

Some reaction from the Twitterverse after Kerrigan’s impressive effort on the Packers’ first drive:


Redskins to punt

RGIII throws incomplete on third down. There was pressure all around him as he threw.

Added importance for Skins running game

Alfred Morris needs to get going early so Skins can establish running game and the line of scrimmage. Defense still gassed after long Packers series.

Redskins start at their 20

Robert Griffin III completes to Leonard Hankerson on first down for 14 yards.

Randall Cobb’s near touchdown

Green Bay’s Randall Cobb gets past the Redskins’ Brandon Meriweather after a catch. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)

The Packers appeared to have a touchdown on their opening drive when WR Randall Cobb broke away down the left sideline, but officials ruled he stepped out of bounds. Big break for the Skins, who stiffened in red zone to limit Green Bay to a field goal. Skins will have to continue getting pressure on Rodgers.

Eddie Lacy heads to locker room

Packers running back Eddie Lacy has headed to the locker room for evaluation after he was rendered woozy by a Brandon Meriweather hit.

According to NFL concussion protocol, he must be checked out before returning to the field.



Packers committed to pass

It should surprise no one that the Packers are looking to exploit the Skins secondary. They threw on 7 of 10 plays during their opening drive. Aaron Rodgers was 7 for 8 for 76 yards. Skins bailed out by Ryan Kerrigan’s consecutive sacks.

Packers strike first, lead 3-0 in 1Q

Mason Crosby’s 28-yard FG gives Packers 3-0 lead with 8:05 left in 1Q.

Not enough for Jermichael Finley

Packers get to 10-yard line on third and goal. Field goal try coming up for Mason Crosby.

Finally a stop by Skins

Ryan Kerrigan with a sack of Aaron Rodgers for loss of eight. Kerrigan beats T Don Barclay.

Another pass on third down and one

James Jones moves the chains off play-action again. Skins CBs laying off at line of scrimmage.

Big gain for Randall Cobb

Packers WR Randall Cobb has 17-yard catch, steps out of bounds on way to end zone. Skins still have no answer for Aaron Rodgers and Packers potent passing attack.

Kevin Durant “bleeds burgundy and gold”

Check it out:

Getting James Jones involved early

Aaron Rodgers targeting James Jones right off the bat. Skins have hands full with Jones, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley.

Spread formation opens running lane

Rookie RB Eddie Lacy picks up a first down but is hard by by Brandon Meriweather. Still Skins are guarding against the pass. Should allow for running room going forward.

No respect for Skins secondary

First down Green Bay on third and one play-action to Randall Cobb. Looks like Packers don’t respect Skins secondary.

Packers go four wides

Rodgers looking to spread the Redskins defense and get favorable matchups for Randall Cobb in no-huddle.