Robert Griffin III has expressed a willingness to adjust his leadership style if needed with the Redskins struggling (Mike Roemer/Associated Press)

Quarterback Robert Griffin III said this week he’s willing to be a stern leader if that’s what his Washington Redskins teammates want from him.

But veteran linebacker London Fletcher, one of the team’s longtime leaders, said the key for Griffin as a leader is to do what comes naturally to him.

“Robert has to do what he feels most comfortable with in his role and still be the person that he is,” Fletcher said. “Leaders lead in different kind of ways. Whether he wants to be stern or a vocal, encouraging guy — you have to lead the way that you are, the way you’re made up. You don’t have to try to do something outside of what you are. We’ve got enough stern leaders around here. If he wants to lead that way, then it’s definitely welcome. Guys respect him if he wants to lead that way.”

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What’s ahead:

● Washington’s defense and its place in history through two games (hint: it’s not a good place)

● The Redskins practice at 1 p.m. Both coordinators speak with reporters.

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