Alfred Morris says the lack of option plays is the least of the Redskins’ current worries but he expects more of them as the season goes along. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Tailback Alfred Morris said he believes the Washington Redskins will use more option-style plays in their offense as the season progresses.

Asked Wednesday about the relative lack of option plays so far, Morris said: “I don’t know. I can’t tell you that. I don’t call the plays. But we’re just slowly getting back in the swing of things. I’m pretty sure we’ll get back to running it more. But that’s not even the bulk of our offense. That was just an addition to the offense that we already have. Even not running it as much, we weren’t successful that much the first week but last week we got going a little bit. … I’m pretty sure we’ll get back to throwing more and more in there once we work out the kinks.

“Right now we’ve just got to figure out a way to get going. Running the zone read is the least of our worries. We’re not doing that good on third downs. We’re not on the field that long. It’s hurting us right now. So we’ve just got to find a way to do better on third downs. We’ve got a great challenge.”

Morris said he thinks quarterback Robert Griffin III is progressing as he works his way back from knee surgery in January.

“From the first week to last week, I think he made huge strides and improvement,” Morris said. “And I know this week is going to be even better … just getting back in the swing of things, just getting back comfortable where he is himself. … He’s getting there each and every week. Each and every day, he’s getting closer and closer to being comfortable.”

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What’s ahead:

● The Redskins practice at 1 p.m. Thursday. Both coordinators speak with reporters.

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