London Fletcher addressed his Redskins teammates Wednesday in an attempt to get the team to bounce back from its 0-2 start. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Linebacker London Fletcher addressed his Washington Redskins teammates this week in an early-season bid to keep the team’s downward spiral from continuing.

One Redskins player said that Fletcher spoke Wednesday and told his teammates that each player must focus on doing his own job, performing his own assignment on each play and doing what needs to be done to bring about a turnaround.

Fellow Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo did not refer directly to Fletcher’s midweek address but said Thursday: “We’ve already been through all the speeches and everything, and we’ve got to make sure we take care of business Sunday. … We’re gonna go out there with a mind-set to win. But we’re not gonna be with our backs to the wall, not at this point.”

The Redskins are off to an 0-2 beginning to the season after winning the NFC East title last season. They host the Detroit Lions on Sunday at FedEx Field.

“We’ve just got to keep believing in ourselves,” Orakpo said. “There’s really not nothing else to say. We’ve played some tough offenses. People are putting up all kinds of yards right now. We’ll be fine, man. We’ve just got to play with confidence. We’ve got to tackle better. That’s one thing. We’ve been missing a lot of tackles where they get a lot of yardage. We tackle better and just continue to just play with our confidence and believe in ourselves, we’ll be fine.”

The Redskins followed a 3-6 start last season with seven straight wins. Cornerback Josh Wilson said this week that there is patience within the team’s locker room now.

“We’re a team that’s not going to get flustered,” Wilson said. “Like I said, I keep referring back to last year. I think 3-6 is a lot more difficult to get yourself out of a hole than 0-2. I mean, [at] 0-2 you’ve got a long season to go. Last year we went on a seven-game winning streak. If we go on a 14-game winning streak, it’ll be one of the greatest seasons in professional history. So we’ve just got to go out here and do what we do and the wins will come as long as we’re taking care of our business every day.”

Wilson said each player must focus on his individual responsibilities.

“If I’ve got this guy covered, if I’ve got this gap in run support, whatever my responsibility is for that play, make sure I do it with the best of my ability and see how the results go from there,” Wilson said.

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