Alfred Morris scores his first-half touchdown against the Lions (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Members of the Washington Redskins’ offense say they saw some improvement during this past Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions even though the team’s record dropped to 0-3.

“We ran the ball well,” right tackle Tyler Polumbus said. “We put ourselves in position to win the game. We didn’t do it. But we certainly had plenty of opportunities to go out there and win the football game, whereas we didn’t have those opportunities the first couple weeks. You want to get a win and you’re not looking for any pats on the back for being in position to win the game. But I guess that would be the positive. We had a chance to get it done but we didn’t.”

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon said the offense “got a little bit better. Not greatly better but a little bit better.”

Garcon also said: “We scored a touchdown in the first half. We ran the ball well. We threw the ball well. We just didn’t finish drives. We didn’t complete everything. We didn’t win the game.”

Tailback Alfred Morris ran for 73 yards and a touchdown against the Lions. Quarterback Robert Griffin III threw for 326 yards. But Griffin also threw an interception and lost a fourth-quarter fumble on a scramble without being hit. Wide receiver Aldrick Robinson had a fourth-quarter touchdown catch that would have given the Redskins the lead overturned by an instant-replay review.

“The positive side of it is that the offense was able to move the ball on third downs, something that in order for us to have a chance, that’s what we have to do,” wide receiver Santana Moss said. “The negatives are we can’t beat ourself. We had our chance. The defense held them a couple times. We just didn’t put the ball in the end zone and then we end up losing the turnover battle.”

But Moss said he’s not getting carried away with signs of mere progress.

“In this league, you don’t win a championship by being close,” Moss said. “You don’t make it to the playoffs by being close. You don’t win games by being close. So in order for us to be where we want to be, to be the team that we know we can be, we have to correct those mistakes and we should have a better chance.”

Garcon said he continues to believe the offense can be highly productive this season.

“We’ve got a lot of great players,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of great guys around us. We’ve got a lot of athletes. …We’ve got a lot of guys that can make plays whenever they get the ball. It’s just a tough patch right now. We’ve still got time to turn it around.”

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What’s ahead:

● The Redskins resume practices Wednesday afternoon.

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