The Redskins say they expect to see Terrelle Pryor start Sunday for the Raiders. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

Members of the Washington Redskins defense said Wednesday they will prepare to face quarterback Terrelle Pryor in Sunday’s game at Oakland.

Pryor suffered a concussion during the Raiders’ loss Monday night to the Denver Broncos. He is subject to the league’s concussion protocol and his playing status is unclear. Backup Matt Flynn would be in line to start against the Redskins if Pryor is unable to play.

“We’re getting ready for Terrelle Pryor,” Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofield said Wednesday. “He’s a dangerous weapon. We feel like he’s gonna be out there. If he doesn’t show up, then we’ll adjust. I feel like they’re gonna run their offense as is. They’re a running team. …Maybe a few plays, a few wrinkles that they add with Terrelle, they won’t run. But I don’t think they’ll be re-writing the book if they put Flynn in there.”

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The contrasting styles of Pryor and Flynn potentially could complicate the Redskins’ preparations.

“We’re preparing for Terrelle Pryor right now because he’s listed as the starter,” Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said. “If it’s Matt Flynn that does come in, then that’ll be something we adjust to. …With Matt Flynn, you know what you’re getting. You’re getting more of a traditional pocket passer, whereas Terrelle Pryor does a number of things with his legs and his arm. So preparing for Terrelle Pryor, since he is the starter and does have that unique skill set, will be our focus.”

Said defensive end Kedric Golston: “Obviously we understand what Terrelle Pryor is, the stresses he puts on a defense. …You prepare for him as the starter. Obviously we understand what Flynn can do. It puts stress on you because you have to prepare for two quarterbacks. But obviously the type of skill set that Pryor has is a little different from what you see every week. So we’ll definitely focus on that. … Pryor is a little unconventional and so you have to obviously plan on what he does well. We understand what Flynn is. He’s a pocket passer who can make the throws. And so that’s more along the lines of more your base [defensive] schemes.”

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