Coach Mike Shanahan says he has his teams travel a day early when a three-hour time change is involved (AP Photo/Richard Lipski)

The Washington Redskins are scheduled to travel to the Bay Area on Friday following their practice at Redskins Park.

They’re scheduled to stay in San Francisco for Sunday’s game at Oakland.

The Redskins, like other NFL teams, generally travel Saturday for a Sunday road game. But Coach Mike Shanahan wanted his team to travel a day early to give his players a chance to adjust to the three-hour time change.

“Any time you have a three-hour time change, I think it’s always good to go out on a Friday either way,” Shanahan said Thursday. “That’s been my philosophy. Now, when I was [coaching] in Denver, for a two-hour time change [to travel to an East Coast game], I didn’t feel the need to go a day early.”

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● The Redskins practice Friday at 11:50 a.m.; Sunday’s game kicks off at 4:25 p.m.

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