The Washington Redskins’ coaches planned to use the team’s bye week to do a thorough evaluation of the team.

“We evaluate everything we do…. We take a look at what we do defensively, offensively [and on] special teams,” Coach Mike Shanahan said Tuesday. “We’ll look at the personnel. It’s still pretty early in the season. A lot of guys are in new positions, more on special teams than offense or defense. You know, [it’s] your typical preparation during bye week.”

The Redskins won last Sunday at Oakland but have a record of only 1-3 at their bye. Players now are off until Monday. The Redskins next play Oct. 13 at Dallas.

Shanahan said he told his players to get in two good workouts during their five days off.

“The thing that you’re hoping is that they run a couple of times,” Shanahan said. “And we do emphasize that to our players. The main upstairs is the only guy watching. But we’re hoping they get two good workouts in so we don’t lose any conditioning. It is time to get away. They’ve been going eight, nine weeks and they’ve been getting after it. And when the bye week comes, it comes. So enjoy your time with the family and then come back for the second half ready to go.”