The Cleveland Browns will host the Buffalo Bills to kick off Week 5 tonight, and Cleveland suddenly has a chance to win for the third time in 11 days.

The Browns did win three straight games late in lost seasons in 2012 and 2009, but this would be their first meaningful three-game winning streak since 2001.

What makes their sudden bout of competence even more unlikely is the two wins came immediately after they traded their most recognizable player, running back Trent Richardson.

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Now, the Browns’ mini-turnaround has little to do with the trade, and more to do with the emergence of backup quarterback Brian Hoyer, the return from suspension of wide receiver Josh Gordon, and the improvement last week by their defense.

But it is still fascinating to see them win after making a deal that was, and really still is, an attempt to blow up this season and start planning for the future.

The Browns’ situation is something we can at least obliquely relate to the Redskins, providing a topic that is good enough for a Thursday morning during the bye week.

What trade would you like to see the Redskins make to upgrade their roster?

This isn’t to say that Washington resembles Cleveland, a struggling franchise under new management that needs to make sweeping changes.

The Redskins are a lot more like fellow 2012 playoff participant Indianapolis, the Browns’ partner in the Richardson trade, which has also won two straight since the deal and can make a major statement this week at home against Seattle.

Is there anyone potentially on the market that Washington should go after? Is there anybody on the current roster the team should try to shop (obvious choices or otherwise)? Let us know what you think.

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● Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn was so bad against the Redskins last week, he was demoted to No. 3 on Oakland’s depth chart. Terrelle Pryor will be back from injury this week anyway, but Pro Football Talk reports that undrafted rookie Matt McGloin is now Oakland’s No. 2 quarterback.

● 49ers cornerback Donte Whitner announced he is in the process of legally changing his name to Donte Hitner, dropping the W. Because he hits people. Get it? Here’s’s full report on this ridiculousness. Would any good Redskins names be created if a player dropped the first letter of his last name?

What’s ahead:

● The Redskins are off until Mon. Oct. 7. The next game is 8:30 p.m. Sun. Oct. 13 at Dallas.