Barry Cofield, left, hits Eagles running back LeSean McCoy during the Redskins’ season opener (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Nose tackle Barry Cofield performed well during the first one-quarter of the Washington Redskins’ season even while playing with a broken bone in his right hand that he suffered during the preseason. Now that Cofield’s hand is getting close to being fully healed, perhaps even more can be expected.

“It’s healed enough,” Cofield said Wednesday. “It’s not an excuse. It’s not an issue. I’m gonna continue to tape it up and do whatever I have to do to be smart. But in reality, it really doesn’t affect me any more and it hasn’t been an excuse even when I had [his injured hand wrapped and covered with a] club. And it’s definitely not one now.”

Cofield said he hopes to be at full strength soon. He had a two-sack outing at Oakland in the Redskins’ last game before their bye week, and he said he is noticing a difference in his performance.

“You really can’t think about it,” Cofield said. “But I feel like when I look back on the tape, there were some plays. The first sack I had last week, I kind of twisted around him a little bit. I grabbed him with both hands. If I only had one [uninjured] hand, the odds are he’s gonna escape out there and somebody else is gonna get that sack, which is not what I want. I want to have that for myself. There’s just little things here and there as far as grabbing and tackling that you can’t get done with one hand.”

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