Kai Forbath (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Place kicker Kai Forbath said Thursday that his injured groin muscle has healed fully and he has been in a good practice-field groove as he readies to return to the Washington Redskins’ lineup Sunday night at Dallas.

“After having a few solid days of no pain, that helps build confidence,” Forbath said. “So I’m not even worried about the injury any more. We’re just moving forward and it’s gonna be like a regular week. …We’re putting in work just like we did before. It just feels normal again.”

Forbath had not yet tried kickoffs in practice. That was scheduled for later Thursday, he said. But he said he did not regard that as a final test of his injury.

“I’m pretty healthy so I don’t think we’re testing it any more,” he said. “It’s good to go. That’s a normal week for us, kickoff on Thursdays.”

Forbath has not kicked in a game since the Redskins’ season opener. He missed the team’s final three games before its bye after suffering his groin injury in practice. The Redskins brought back John Potter, who’d been with the team in training camp, to replace Forbath for those three games but released Potter last week. Forbath said he has been kicking well in practice even after not doing any kicking at all for a “couple weeks” while he was hurt.

“Surprisingly it actually, I think, helped me a little bit,” Forbath said. “We came back the last few days and kicked pretty good. I don’t know if the break helped clear my mind or something. But we’re looking good right now.”

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