Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett sees maturity in Robert Griffin III this season. (Getty)

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said that although Robert Griffin III may not have been at his best in the first quarter of the season, he still sees the second-year quarterback as a “dangerous guy” who has displayed maturity this season.

“He’s obviously a very good player,” Garrett said on Wednesday in a conference call with reporters assigned to covering the Redskins. “He makes a lot of good plays from the pocket. He still gets outside the pocket, either by design or spontaneously, and makes plays on the move. He’s a young quarterback that starts on this level, but he plays very maturely, and he gets better and better, it seems like every week. He’s certainly a dangerous guy. They have a lot of weapons around him. They have a good running game. So there are a lot of challenges we are facing on offense.”

Griffin this season has taken on more of a pocket-passer role, and has relied less on his legs to make plays. But in their two games against the Cowboys, Washington offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan placed less emphasis on the read-option elements of his playbook and used Griffin’s passing abilities to carry the offense.

But Garrett said regardless of how the Redskins plan on using Griffin, the Cowboys’ success hinges on their ability to keep the quarterback in the pocket.

“People have been asking me that, and it seems like he’s running a little bit less than he did last year in his rookie season,” Garrett said. “But still he’s a very dangerous athlete and he’s very comfortable out in space, so making sure you contain him and keep him in the pocket is critical, and that’s what you’re trying to do every week. When the quarterback does have the athletic ability, you want to limit those plays they make out in space.”

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