NFL owners met in Washington this week to vote on a bevy of issues of varying degrees of importance.

One of the less-important topics was nonetheless an attention-grabber.

Mark Maske reported Tuesday that league owners passed a rule that will compel one team per year to participate in the HBO/NFL Films training camp documentary series “Hard Knocks” if no franchise volunteers.

According to the report, organizations with a new coach or that have made the playoffs for two consecutive seasons would be exempt from conscription.

Setting aside the fact that a compulsory Redskins appearance on the show next season would mean they didn’t make the playoffs in 2013, would you want Washington to be featured on “Hard Knocks?”

The series would provide unprecedented access to the inner workings of the organization, but Coach Mike Shanahan has gone on record saying he wouldn’t feel comfortable having his team featured.

The common perception is the constant presence of camera crews during training camp could stunt the development of a team in the crucial weeks leading up to the start of the regular season.

A look at the history of the series, though, shows mixed results for its subjects.

Since the show premiered in 2001, eight teams have been featured, including the Cincinnati Bengals for a second time before this season.

Of the first seven teams to appear, three have made the playoffs (10-6 ’01 Ravens, 10-6 ’09 Bengals and 11-5 ’10 Jets), three have finished with losing records (5-11 ’02 Cowboys, 4-12 ’07 Chiefs and 7-9 ’12 Dolphins), and the 2008 Cowboys went 9-7.

Three teams won more games than they did in the season before they were featured, three teams won fewer and one team won the same number.

If the Redskins were chosen, would the risk of a distraction outweigh the positives of what would undoubtedly be a must-watch show for local fans?

Let us know what you think.

Greg Schimmel is a copy editor who contributes his NFL insights to Opening Kick on Thursdays. Follow him on Twitter at @Greg_Schimmel.

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