Too often this season, as on this Dwayne Harris punt return, the Redskins have been steps behind. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Given a night to sleep on the loss at Dallas, the main thing to ponder this morning is simple. Where does it go from here?

And that’s a question that can be considered many ways. Even at 1-4, trailing a pair of 3-3 teams in the division, with four NFC East games left, it’s too early to flat give up. There’s a race, and the Redskins can get back in it, although they’ll have to beat some good teams — the Bears and Broncos are next up.

On the flip side, is 1-6 a possibility? And if so, do people start losing their jobs?

Folks on Twitter floated the Cousins idea. I don’t think it makes sense to go away from Griffin now. If that was going to happen, it should have been at the start. At this point, with Griffin looking as shifty and slithery last night as he had all season, I don’t put all the blame on the quarterback. You have to play him for right now, if for no other reason than to find out what you have in him.

But this is a 1-4 team, with talent that shouldn’t have a record like that. So where do you place the blame? Sunday, special teams were an obvious choice, especially if you noticed that Washington outgained Dallas, 433 to 213. Of course, Dallas’s 222-50 edge in return yards balanced the scales — or tilted them.

Is it coaching? The O-line? The safeties? The lack of Morris carries? A mix of things? Different things every week? I ask not to find someone to beat up on, but to figure out how it gets fixed.

Because only then can you really figure out where it goes from here.

What are your morning-after thoughts?

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