Robert Griffin III Griffin warms up on the field at AT&T Stadium. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

ARLINGTON, Tex. — Quarterback Robert Griffin III went through pregame warmups Sunday without his brace on his surgically repaired right knee.

“I’ve been comfortable all season not to wear the brace,” Griffin said after the Washington Redskins’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys. “I did not wear it in warmup today. I made that decision. They’re going to continue to make me wear it the rest of the year [during games]. But any time I can take it off, I will.”

Griffin had his best running game of the season but said it wasn’t necessarily by design.

“I just think we had the opportunity and we took advantage of it,” he said.

Griffin also drew two personal fouls by the Cowboys for late hits on the sideline.

“Some guys in this league are gonna do that,” Griffin said. “They kind of view that hit on the [quarterback] as worth the 15 yards. I don’t think by any means that either hit was dirty. They were trying to play through the sideline instead of to the sideline. They got penalized for it. For me, I just can’t really listen to all this stuff. You get out of bounds when you can, slide when you can. But when you’re out there playing, be the playmaker that you are.”

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