Mike Shanahan said he doesn’t see a need to make any moves on his coaching staff. (By Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that he hasn’t considered making any changes on his coaching staff, and instead, his sole focus is on preparing for this week’s game against the Chicago Bears. Shanahan said despite his team’s 1-4 start, he believes in his assistants.

Shanahan said he and his assistants need to find ways to get more out of their players and that in doing so, they will be able to orchestrate a turnaround to the season.

“I don’t really worry about those type of things during the season,” Shanahan said when asked about possible changes to his staff. “What I’m trying to do is concentrate on each game just like the players do, and it’s up to you guys to analyze all those type of things. I’ve got a lot of belief in our coaches, a lot of belief in our players.”

Shanahan remains convinced that this team has the capability to play at the all-around high level that it did during the second half of last season. He has seen signs that lead him to believe success is still possible this season.

“I know what we did last year on offense. We’re not quite there yet like we were last year,” Shanahan said. “We’ve been moving the football but we haven’t been scoring points. For us to be the type of football team we need to be, we need to get back on course, and the defense can play like they did last week. And special teams, like I said, we’ve got a number of new players playing new positions. We’ve got to get them to feel comfortable in their role, and if you do that, then you’ve got a chance to win.”

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