Mike Shanahan argues with officials after a recovery on a punt was overturned. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Mike Shanahan remained convinced that officials made the wrong call when they awarded the Dallas Cowboys possession although one of their players touched a live ball during a punt in the second quarter.

On the play, which took place with just more than nine minutes left in the second half, Redskins gunner Jerome Murphy tangled with Dallas’s B.W. Webb along the right sideline. Murphy shoved Webb backward, and into the ball, which had just bounced on the turf.

Reed Doughty recovered the loose ball after it touched Webb, but officials said that Webb wasn’t engaged on the play, although replays showed that he was.

Shanahan argued the call, but to no avail. Shanahan said that he didn’t contact the league over the play, but was confident that the wrong call had been made.

“It was a missed call,” Shanahan said. “I saw it during the game, but if somebody makes a call incorrectly and that’s what they see, you can’t challenge it. So it’s just a missed call. We should have had the ball there.”

FOX Sports analyst Mike Pereira — himself the former vice president of officiating in the NFL — said in an interview Monday with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen that the officials made the wrong call. Pereira said Webb clearly had engaged in a block, and thus, the Redskins should have received the ball.

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