DeAngelo Hall on facing Jay Cutler: “I feel good about the matchup.” (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Speaking to reporters in Chicago about his upcoming matchup with the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler downplayed the renewed rivalry with cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

The last time the two played against each other – in 2010 at Chicago – Hall intercepted Cutler four times and returned one 92 yards for a touchdown.

Following Hall’s record-setting performance, the Hall of Fame came to Redskins Park to retrieve the cornerback’s jersey for a display in Canton. But Cutler wasn’t impressed and said afterward that he would throw Hall’s way all over again.

Three years later, Cutler remains unimpressed.

Asked about the cornerback, Cutler told Chicago reporters, “Another player. Ya know.”

Asked if he had any other thoughts on the matchup, Cutler said, “Nope. So –”

Assessing Washington’s secondary in general, Cutler said, “Good guys. They’re a veteran group. They’re not going to give you anything easy. They do a really good job in the zone of route reading and knowing where the receivers are going to go. It makes it hard. You just have to be on it.”

Hall took no offense to Cutler’s statement on him.

“I am just another guy, so,” Hall said. “It’s not me vs. Jay. It’s the Washington Redskins vs. the Chicago Bears, and they’re playing good football. We’re trying to get a win in our stadium, so, definitely looking forward to that.”

Hall said he doesn’t think about that four-interception game much anymore, and that it will not play prominently in his mind on Sunday.

“I can’t go into it thinking, ‘This is Jay Cutler.’ But for me personally, I feel good about the matchup,” Hall said. “I feel good about the things we’re trying to do, defensively, scheme-wise. A little bit different personnel they have – a little more weapons – so he probably feels good with his guys. He feels with his guys going up against us and we feel the same way. We feel like we can make some plays against those guys, so it’ll be a tough challenge to us.”