Aldrick Robinson hauls in a long touchdown catch from Robert Griffin III (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Robert Griffin’s 45-yard, fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson actually didn’t take place “just how they drew it up,” both players revealed after the game. Instead, Griffin and Robinson connected on “an off-schedule” play.

The play in the huddle called for Griffin to hit wide receiver Josh Morgan (lined up to the right) on a slant inside. But Griffin at the snap of the ball, saw cornerback Charles Tillman let Robinson go by him because the defensive back believed Robinson to just be a decoy. Griffin took advantage by heaving the ball downfield to Robinson in the end zone. Tillman, who had intercepted Griffin earlier in the game, recovered quickly, but not in time to make a great play on the ball. The ball dropped over Tillman’s head and into Robinson’s arms.

Robinson had gotten bumped by safety Chris Conte, but maintained his balance to make the catch while Conte fell to the ground.

“RG rolled out the pocket a little bit and saw me downfield and gave me a shot,” Robinson said. “He let me make a play.”

The play put Washington up 38-34 and marked Griffin’s longest pass of the season.

It marked Robinson’s second catch of the year, and his first chance to score since a missed opportunity against Detroit in Week 3. In that game, Griffin fired a pass 57 yards to Robinson on what would’ve been a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter of Washington’s game against the Lions. But Robinson couldn’t fully secure the ball as he came to the ground. Initially a touchdown was called, but upon review, officials ruled the play an incomplete pass. Washington lost that game 27-20.

Robinson had been waiting ever since for a chance to redeem himself, and Griffin gave him that.

“Ever since that Detroit game, I’ve been wanting another chance to prove to everybody around me and to the fans to prove that I make plays,” Robinson said. “It felt good to get it today. I wasn’t thinking about that [play]. That’s done and it’s gone. But I just knew I had to make the play.”

Robinson proved himself as a deep threat last season, making touchdown catches of 49 and 68 yards. That production caused Griffin to remain confident in him despite the missed opportunity against Detroit. And the success on Sunday will go a long way toward helping the team’s confidence, the quarterback said.

“I just saw something and went with it,” Griffin said. I made a great play and when I saw him catch it, there was a feeling like last year. … Al catching those field posts in the Dallas and Philadelphia game [in 2012], we had that feeling the whole game. Our mojo is definitely working today.”