Santana Moss says the Redskins offense must score every possession versus the Broncos. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

As the Redskins prepare to face the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the greatest pressure rests on the shoulders of the team’s defensive players, who must try to find a way to limit Peyton Manning and the league’s best offense.

But the offensive players also must have a big day because they know the best way to help their defense is to dominate the time of possession and score points.

The Redskins believe they are capable of doing just that. The team last Sunday racked up 499 yards of offense and 45 points. But wide receiver Santana Moss believes that he and his teammates are capable of more of that type of effort, and that Sunday’s showing versus the Bears isn’t an aberration.

“When you look at some of the losses we had, we had some of the same types of output where we were able to move the ball and put up points, whether it was early or late,” Moss said. “So, when you look at last week’s performance, and what you’re going to do as an offense, you have to say, ‘Okay, we’ve been known to put up points and a lot of yards up there,’ but let’s get better so we can do it throughout the whole game, and that’s what we did last week. We did it throughout the game so we were able to have momentum needed to score late in the game.”

Moss – like many – believe that Manning is possibly the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. But in the same breath that he praised the Broncos quarterback and his effectiveness, he said that the Redskins can’t concern themselves with how Manning and his offense is doing. They have to focus on their own execution.

“When you’re going against a guy like that, just worry about you,” Moss said. “Do what you’re going to do and you can’t worry about what he’s going to do. … As an offense, we need to continue to move the ball, chunk up those yards, and put the ball in the end zone every time we get a chance. The main thing is to score every time we get the ball. If we do that, who knows what the game is going to be? I think that gives us a great chance to win.”

Moss continued: “Why come into this game different than any other game? You don’t want to be sitting there, stressing about scoring because of who you’re playing. You don’t know what they’re going to do. They might not be on your game. Or they might be playing above their game because of [losing] last week. You just have to focus on what you’re doing.”