Robert Griffin III and the Redskins suffered a scare late in the game when the quarterback suffered a hit that left him writhing on the field in pain before he eventually hobbled off to the sideline and then had his left knee examined by team doctors and trainers.

Griffin took the hit during a pass downfield that wound up getting intercepted. Denver defensive tackle Terrance Knighton drove Griffin to the ground and landed on the quarterback with just more than five minutes left in the game.

Griffin was checked on the trainers’ table behind the bench, then got up and walked around without complications, but he didn’t re-enter the game out of precaution.

Griffin didn’t walk with a limp after the game either.

“The knee feels fine,” Griffin said. “I’m not sure which D-tackle it was. I think it was Knighton, who came in and landed all 300-plus pounds of himself on my leg and I think it really just scared me. After the docs checked me, I was fine and ready to go back in the game. I talked with Mike and Kirk was out there already, and we just thought it was smart to keep me off the field and just be ready to go next week.”

Griffin has had two reconstructive surgeries done on his right knee.